Apr 11, 2013

Creature of Habit

I've always known that I am pretty predictable and like to follow a certain routine, even though I like to claim that I'm a pretty laid back, go with the flow individual. Thats not to say that I fly of the handle when the order that I want things to go gets screwed up. But I've noticed lately that I am only a semi-functioning human being if it gets out of whack. Prime example being this morning.

5:30 am my phone rings, full blast, from a Dayton, OH number. It was the alarm company calling me to tell me a glass breakage alarm went off at my office. Awesome. Long story short, it was a false alarm, our cop friend called Danny when we were halfway there (so like a whole 90 seconds into our drive) and we turned around and went home. At that point its 5:50 and theres no point in going back to bed. So I shower and Danny and I go to breakfast. We get home around 7:40 and my mind immediately says "Its to early to go to work, lets go take a nap." So, rather than using my extra 20 minutes to get laundry folded or do something constructive, I sleep. And just like that, I'm back on my leave for work at 10 after 8 and my day can start.

OCD, much Erin? Probably. Another good example:

The weekend is getting closer! I don't know why I'm so excited about it. Friday consists of date night which will include dinner then dropping a the equivalent of a couple car payments on shit for our house so we can be ready for the warm weather. (The hubs has a million and five things that he wants to work on) One of these purchases will include a grill, which is probably my most anticipated purchase. Not that I will be the one using it. I'm more the type to tell Danny what to make on it, get the food ready, then sit and drink a glass of wine or 3 while he works his magic. Saturday is probably the most dreaded of the weekend. I've got some serious spring cleaning to do, birthday party for my neice (this is not dreaded as there will be cakepops and/or cupcakes), pig sale for 4H, more cleaning, and more cleaning. Sunday is in fact going to be a Sunday Funday. We are going to a place in Northern IN called Shipshewana that is pretty much Amish country. There will be an abundance of Amish peanut butter and delicous cheeses and whats not to love about that. Yeah there will be shopping too but I'm most excited about the grub.

Now that my phone is ringing off the hook, I should probably start working. Have a good Thursday :)

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