Apr 16, 2013

Yearbook Link-up

I love me some link ups, espcially when they are HILARIOUS! And there is nothing more hilarious than school pictures, of yourself and others.

So let me introduce, Little Erin.
When I got these pictures out last night I thought there was no way there was only a year between those pictures. I feel like I look completely different! The only thing that stayed the same was my damn cheeks. My mom wrote second grade on the back of the one on the left, but nothing was on the back. Then I remembered I got braces at the end of third grade, so the next 3 school pics I was a metal mouth. Bringing me to the conclusion that it was in fact, third grade. And thank god the next 3 I was a metal mouth. I mean look at those pearly whites. They were soooooo crooked.
I couldn't find any pictures, other than sports, for grades 4-8. Your loss, not mine. :)
Now we will introduce High School Erin
I'm pretty sure that after seeing my Freshman school picture, I immediately started wearing make up. Last night when I got this picture out Danny looked at it and said "Thats so cute" while laughing at the same time.Well, Mr. Summers, lets not forget that the first time we dated was that same school year, so you obviously saw somethin ya liked. First thing I think of when I see that junior picture is "Holy Hair"  I could be topless under there for all anyone knew. Plus it looks like a wet dog on top. My curls are so hit or miss that I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to wear it curly. As you can see, the chubby cheeks followed me to high school. Thanks, Dad.
Senior year is when I really started to get my shit together.

I'm not sorry for the blurriness. I am lazy and didn't to take the time to actually scan this beauties. My senior pictures weren't bad. There were a few that the JOverman (I'll explain the "J" one day when I'm ready to explain my crazy messed up family.) chins and my dad's cheeks were the dominating features, but I can't complain too much.
Its fine if you laughed at pictures 1-4. I hardly let my mom put them on display in our house.


  1. The difference between 2nd and 3rd grade is huge! You must have had one heck of a growth spurt! I love the naked mermaid hair picture! Thanks for linking up with us! I have you added to my Bloglovin blog list now!

  2. ERIN... You look the EXACT same as when you were a little kid! I love it!

  3. Found you through Holly's link-up! Love the flashback! I'll be checking back! :)

  4. I could be topless under all that hair LMAO!!!! Love it. Thanks for linking up