Apr 30, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Hey hey hey! We made it through Monday. Mine was super busy, which is why I was missing yesterday. I had to get the blower motor in my Jeep fixed at 8am at the dealership that is 40 minutes away, so leaving the house before I've normally had breakfast was cool. Then I had to go to the orthodontist where I thankfully got out of there with only spending $150 on a retainer rather than my arm and leg on braces or Invisalign. Whew. THEN I had another doctors appt. What a Monday.

This weekend was pretty busy as well. Friday evening started out with a showing for one of my parents' best friend's moms. Those aren't fun, but this guy has been great to our family, even more so since my dad passed away so we wanted to be there for him. After that Danny and I had to get to a spring program for our niece and nephews. Its always fun to see all the little kids dressed up in their cute clothes. Love it. After the program we rushed to meet my mom, brother and his girlfriend at the mexican restaurant for dinner.

He said that if he knew this picture would be shared on social media (my moms FB to be exact) he would have smiled. He really does like to spend time with me... I think! ;)

Saturday was just as busy. I went and picked up McDonalds breakfast for my mom and I to enjoy while we watched General Hospital. We use to watch All My Children together nearly everyday so it was nice to lounge around and watch trashy soaps with her. We got ready for the funeral for the mom of our friend. It was a beautiful service full of laughter and funny memories. After the service I booked it to the hospital to visit Gram for a little bit. She got put back in the hospital early Wednesday morning for cellulitus again. I only got to stay for about 15 minutes but thats better than nothing I suppose. When I got home my mom and I met Danny's family at my niece and nephews' school, which is also where we go to church, for a chicken dinner.

After the dinner, my mom went back to her place and I lounged on the couch for the rest of the night, which was much needed after all the damn running around I had to do. Busy weekends make those 2 short days go by so quickly. And that makes me sad. :(

Sunday was pretty laid back after we got out grocery shopping done. Danny was a trooper pushing the cart through the aisles. He secretly enjoys going. I know this because he make racecar sounds up and down the aisles. This trip got a little wild as the racecar made some pretty fast turns and almost flipped a couple times. True story.

Hope you all had a great weekend too! :)

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