May 1, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

I honestly think these posts are 100% necessary and I thank the heavens above that Shannon hosts this link up every week. And here we go.

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if
- I didn't work out except maybe one walk at the park last week. Homegirl has been busy. And exhausted.
- I'm only cooking dinner once this week and its already happened. I didn't even cook it all. I made mac and cheese, from a box might I add, while Danny grilled. Again, we've been busy and will continue to be busy.
- my desk looks like this. I get shit done and I know where everything is. I'm actually planning on getting this thing under control since its in a constant state of chaos and our next busy season will be here in a matter of weeks.
- I like making people cry over gifts. Christmas 2011 was a doosy. I got my mother-in-law AND my aunt. Its too bad it wasn't at the same get together. I got my mom last night when I gave her one of her mother's day gifts... in the middle of Olive Garden. Erin for the win!
- I didn't work at all on Monday and scheduled my appointment to pick up my retainers from the orthodontist, you know because I'm 13, so I could come in a few hours late, or after lunch even.
That's all, for now. Time for this girl to start working.  But now you're probably thinking, "Where does that bitch think she's gonna do any work?" since there is only about 2 inches of open space on my desk. Don't worry, I've got this!

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