May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey hey hey! Another weekend has come and gone quicker than I had hoped.

My weekend started Friday morning. I took the day off so I could help my mom move. She moved from a 3rd floor apartment to a 1st floor apartment in the same complex. My brother and I headed down her way around 11 thinking the movers would be there around 12. Oh no. They called her and said it would be closer to 3. So what did we do? We laid around and played each other in Ruzzle. All 3 of us. For about 2 hours. We would have played longer had we all had phone chargers. Have you played that game? Its kind of like the game Boggle, or the other phone game, Scramble. Its so much fun and so addicting. The move took about 3 hours and afterwards we went and got mexican to eat. My family could live off of mexican I think and the good news is the baby seems to enjoy mexican as much as mama.

Saturday Danny and I got up and he went to work with me for a few. I had about 10 minutes of work to do since yesterday was a deadline for me. After that, we channeled our inner 50 year olds and headed to a native plant sale. My husband was so freakin excited. We did see some stuff you don't normally see at Lowe's or Menards so it was worth the trip. I got a couple more plants for our Summers rock. When we got home, I started cooking ribs for our dinner with a couple friends, my brother and his girlfriend. (Recipe will be up tomorrow. AND I took pictures). While I got to work in the kitchen, my handsome hubby got to work outside.
Saturday night was a full of laughter and wishing I could have a beer, or 5. Please ignore the fact that I am ghostly white. Ugh.

Sunday was a lazy day. I could not get moving. I ended up getting my summer clothes out and put in my dresser and closet, cleaning out another box worth of rummage clothes, some laundry, and dishes. We had a birthday party for our best friends' son where there was a 1 year hold having a total meltdown. Danny is officially freaked out about having a child now. I lounged the rest of the night and finished folding laundry... while laying in bed.

 Now that all that is over, its off to work for me. Someone come take my place so I can lay in bed? Any takers? No?

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