May 6, 2013

5 years

This morning when Danny's alarm was done screaming, I started to get irritated when mine followed suit just a couple minutes later. Danny has a way of setting alarms for a 25 minute period on his phone, but requests that I do the same. Just seconds after I ever so politely asked my husband "Shouldn't you be getting up?" I remembered it was May 6th. The day we started dating.

Our senior year of high school was coming to an end and there were still some "what-ifs" floating around between us. We started hanging out in the fall, but that ended right after Thanksgiving. The flirting picked back up right before Christmas break and then began Round 2. That one lasted until right before Valentine's Day. We were nearing the home stretch of our high school career and Danny didn't know if he wanted to be tied down for the rest of it or not. I said that's fine, I'll make it easy on you. I'm done. When I told my mom what happened she said she thought we'd get back together. I believe I said something along the lines of, over my dead body.

Two months later, we were sitting by each other in Government and he starts talking to me. I was so disgusted and pissed. Later on in the day he texted me and said "Do you ever regret breaking up with me?" And just like that, I was a goner. After talking to each other in secret for almost a week and a half, in fear that my friends would beat the shit out of me, I let the cat out of the bag to a few of them that I thought we were going to get back together. There was a lot of tension at prom. I went with someone else and so did he, but we wanted to be together. Luckily, there was some unwritten rule at my school that you dance with someone different every slow song. I may or may not have made Danny wait until the second to last song. Whoops.

Danny took me to dinner with a gift card he won at post prom and I knew then and there that I wanted to be with him. That I loved him. So what was the problem? Oh, Danny had a girlfriend.. that lived 3 hours away. I told him I wouldn't kiss him until it was over. That wasn't fair to her and I already felt like an ass for going to dinner. The next day he ended it and the day after that we started dating and have never looked back.

After I reminded Danny what day it was, he asked if I could believe it. And I can't. Somedays it feels like we've been together for 15 because of everything we've experienced as a couple in such a short amount of time, but other days I feel like I'm that 18 year old girl who can't believe she found The One roaming the halls of her high school.

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