May 17, 2013

Outdoorsy Erin

From about 1989-2010, if you asked me to do anything outside as far as chores, I would most likely play along for about 9 minutes. When the 10th minute rolled around, I'd think of something productive to do inside in the air conditioning where I belong. Unless I was on the softball field playing 2-3 games in the 90+ degree heat, I had no interest. Well, until I reached the point in my life that alcohol got involved. Outside became more attractive.

This was all until Danny really started to mold a different Erin. Prior to Danny, the only animals I interacted with were dogs and cats, camping seemed stupid, and fresh vegetables... well those could be purchased. Now? 4H pigs are the best, I can't wait to buy a travel trailer (camper, whatever word you use) and there's nothing like eating a tomato straight from your own backyard.

When we were house hunting, our biggest requirement was that the house be on at least 3.5 acres. If it didn't have that, it wasn't an option and we would wait until something came around. Houses can be remodeled or made bigger. Residential land in rural Indiana? Well thats hard to come by. 

We found a hidden gem in our town. At the very back of one of the not so nice neighborhoods in town was a cute little house. The house itself wasn't perfect, but it could be. We were more interested in what it was sitting on: 4 and a half acres.

"What are you gonna do with 4.5 acres?" We've been asked that more times than we can count. Part of it has a bunch of trees, part of it is at the bottom of a hill down by a pond (not ours but we own part of it) and the rest is wide open.

After a month of being able to work outside, we're finally getting started on what we're doing with 4.5 acres.
We planted our tomatoes tonight and got to put those garden markers that we made on Valentine's day to use.

Danny had this rock made for my Christmas gift this year in celebration of our new home. As soon as the weather warmed up, my handman hubby built a flower box around it and filled it with dirt. Last week we bought flowers and my exhausted pregnant-self finally got around to planting them Wednesday night. (Seriously, this kid requires that I take a nap every day) The flowers are struggling a little bit, but with some TLC (hopefully) they'll be looking good in no time. Next year though? I'm planting shit that will come back on their own every year.

We're only a month into the nice weather and we've already made some great progress on the outside of our home. I can't wait to see what we have accomplished at the end of summer.

I'll be back next week with an awesome (and easy peasy) BBQ ribs recipe! Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. It seems really fun to have so much outdoor space! After years of apartment living, I'm itching for a yard so badly. Can't wait to grow my own tomatoes!

    1. It is fun. Although a lot of work at times, I do enjoy it!