Feb 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

Low key and wonderful! And in true Erin-fashion, I extended the wonderful day into 2! I get an entire week for my birthday. The hubs really loves it! Since this is a crazy time for work and I knew I wouldn't get home until late evening on Thursday, Danny and I agreed I would get my surprises on Thursday and he could have his Friday. His surprised required more time so I needed Friday.

Thursday morning as I was getting ready for my marathon work day, the hubs got up and got my wonderful cards out, one from him and one from the kids... Diesel and the cats. Inside the card from my wonderful husband were (fake) tickets to an Indianapolis Indians game. We went to a game last year and it was awesome! Tickets aren't on sale yet which is why those tickets were fake. Anywho... fast forward to 8pm when I get home from work... Like I said, marathon... This is what we had for our romantic dinner.
Yep, that happened. I actually offered to cook a Red Baron pizza, the fire baked kind for a little extra special somethin... nope. The hubs wanted the $3 Jack's pizza.  I shouldn't of been suprised. I offered to make him a steak one time and he replied, and I shit you not, "I actually just want some pizza rolls" He really is the perfect man :)
Last night was my turn.  I came home from work with snacks from the restaurant around the corner for dinner.  All fried too. The hubs face just lit up! We ate our nutritious dinner and I went out to the garage to prep.

 The hubs was kind of confused when he saw it. I asked him if he had any idea what was going on and he looked at me like I was a crazy lady. Not really a new thing.
After we painted our little hearts out (and I drank some wine and ate some of the Almond Joy pieces I got for Danny), we created these masterpieces...


We are going to have a garden this summer and are both very excited, Danny especially, so a garden project was perfect. He talks about it at least once a day.  Last year we had a small garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, corn and green peppers. We didn't know what kind of gardening skills we had so we started small.  Clearly, we think we're pretty good and are adding more to the garden this year.   The only issue we had was keeping track of where we planted what. Cucumber and watermelon plants look pretty similar in the early stages, and now that we have markers... no more confusion. 

Valentine's Day was a success for Mr. & Mrs. Summers this year :)

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