Feb 28, 2013

A new weekly tradition

I just came up with a brilliant plan for me, myself and I. Tonight I was talking to my brother and we were talking about what motivates us.  I had talked about this with a guy a work with, I guess he's more like a mentor, a few months ago but never really determined what my motivation was.  Motivation can come from a thousand different sources. For some its fear, but I don't operate that way. I am motivated by my success, and maybe even the success of others. Mostly my own success though and what that success can bring me. This brings me to my brilliant idea.

At the end of every week on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, depending on when the Mr. is at work since thats when I am blogging for now, I am going to reflect on my personal victories of the week in the different areas of my life. At least I am going to TRY to every week. To do it all, you have to juggle a lot. I'm juggling roles as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, dog mom, working woman, and included in that is my role as me. That probably makes zero sense, but I mean what I do for me. This is going to bore the shit out of some people, make me sound like I am a self-absorbed ass, or it could be motivational for someone else.

  • I went to Zumba 3 times this week and tonight I saw the highest number of calories burned that I've seen since I've had my monitor.
  • I am officially down 15 pounds and back to my pre-casino trip weight. Yeah baby.
  • I got 3 loads of laundry done this week. Its extremely impressive.
  • I have a meeting with a potential customer tomorrow morning. This could be my first big customer.

Thats it for this week. I think there were more, but victory number 4 reminded me that I need to get a good night's rest because tomorrow could be a big day! I'll leave you with this completely true ecard that someone posted on Facebook tonight.

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