Feb 20, 2013

A break is near!!

I have a GREAT weekend coming up. I am currently sitting in a hotel room because I have meetings in the southern part of the state tomorrow and Friday for work. The fun part? Tomorrow night I get to stay at the Horseshoe... a hotel/casino in Southern Indiana... and its FREE! Free tomorrow night and Friday night. My dad and his friends went there a few times a year and I get to enjoy the perks of his visits/gambling. (Sidenote: he didn't have a gambling problem. The Horseshoe just treats guests right) The hubs and I went down there for fall break after the hubs turned 21. We got 2 free nights and $200 of complimentary food. We had a blast! This little weekend getaway is much needed. The hubs has been busy working at the firehouse and I've been busy working and super stressed.  It'll be nice to just be away from home for a night or two.  We have dinner reservations at the Jack Binion's, an awesome steakhouse at the casino, tomorrow night. Its a quiet little restaurant, and quite pricey. Pricey means calories don't count. Paula Deen Buffet ALSO means calories don't count. Yeah... its going be a delicious weekend thats for sure.

Delicous weekends also mean a lot of work afterwards.  I haven't been to zumba in over a week and missed the toning session on Sunday.  Last Thursday I worked too late and it was Valentine's day, then Sunday I felt like poo and didn't have it in me. Fortunately, I haven't undone much of my progress.  My size 8 jeans still fit and people I haven't seen in weeks are still commenting on how small I look. It feels good, but I could be doing so much better.  I've come to terms with the fact that I need to be patient with myself while I ride out the shitstorm that work is for a couple more weeks then get back at it. I'm going to continue to go to zumba when work permits and count calories as best I can. After work calms down, Jillian Michaels will be a frenemy. I'm thinking 30 day shred? It seems like quite a commitment and I'm just not sure about it. If anyone happens to stumble upon this post that has done 30 day shred before or has thought about it, I need some input!

Sunday was a day of fun for the hubs and me, which is also another reason I didn't go to zumba. We went to the boat sport and travel show in Indianapolis, then furniture shopping.  Mr and Mrs Summers took full advantage of the President's Day Sale at Ashley furniture.  We are anxiously awaiting a new mattress, sofa, loveseat, ottoman and end tables! WOOO HOOOO!! There are no words to describe how thrilled I am that we are getting a new mattress. I've bitched, moaned and nagged enough for 3 years to FINALLY convince Danny that it is necessary. Love that man for finally giving in :)

Time for me to go to bed. Early start in the morning. Nighty night :)

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  1. Staying in a hotel/casino can be pricey, but guaranteed worth paying for. Their services are world class; you'll never regret any single minute of staying in there. It feels great to experience a luxurious living even just for a day or two with your special someone. Glad to hear that you and your hubs had a wonderful day at the hotel/casino. :)