Feb 7, 2013

Take a break to celebrate

To say I've been busy would be the understatement of the century. I worked until 6:30pm last Friday night which is a alone is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, then I went back in at 8:30am on a freaking SATURDAY! I mean seriously?! Don't worry though, I treated myself to a nice unhealthy McGriddle and diet coke on my way to the office. Yes, I reward myself like I am a dog. It happens.

Then to keep up with the current trend, I helped my brother celebrate his 21st birthday this Tuesday. In true Overman fashion, we kicked off the evening at the local Mexican restaurant for a "fish bowl" which is a 46 oz margarita. I only got a 27 oz... and also ate 3 enchilads topped with cheese... and rice... and chips and cheese. And lets not forget the 2 beers I had at the next bar. I mean, I had to drink the second one because it was free. Of course, Tuesday is Zumba night. Ooooh my life!


My brother's girlfriend and I threw this masterpiece together in record time. Her and I can make some Pinterest projects our bitch, as you can see from this awesome beer cake :)

He's a pretty lucky guy to have a big sister AND a girlfriend that both spoil him.

She also made him an awesome cake in Crown Royal colors with a mini bottle of Crown on it. She's a crafty one!
My smokin' hot husband and me.  He jumped on the Lose It bandwagon with me and has lost about 15 pounds in the last few weeks. I am so proud of him. It is true that if you and your spouse do it together, it really is easier. I've also seen more success in myself since he started tracking his calories with me.  He is also a champ for putting up with my family's shenanigans out in public. :)
Me and the birthday boy! He was an absolute trooper the entire night! Of course, Danny and I peaced out early since I had to work early, but I've heard the night was a success ;)

Happy Birthday, Drew!!!

Now that the birthday festivities have come to an end, I am back on the carlorie countin' bod' workin' track and I feel much better today than I did on Wednesday in the aftermath.  Eat better, feel better :)
It might also have something to do with the fact that I ROCKED the booty work tonight at Zumba! I normally have to take a 5 second break from the squats and squat jumps, but not tonight folks! That is even after binge eating on Tuesday instead of shakin' my thing. Boo-yah! :)

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