Jan 31, 2013

Remember why you started

Well aren't we off to a good start on this ol' blog here? I have been so insanely busy that my only contribution to household chores recently would be cooking dinner.  And since Danny worked Tuesday night and is at work tonight, I've hardly contributed this week. Its fine. I married a wonderful man and thats all there is to it.

As I've been reading the blogs that I follow this week, they have all been revisiting their resolutions or goals for the year and I've thought to myself, "well what a wonderful idea that is." Then I asked myself if I was happy with the first month in this journey to achieve my goals and I have to say, I'm pretty happy about January.  It most definitely didn't start off the way I was expecting with work getting absolutely nuts, but I think I've balanced the craziness with my goals for myself personally pretty well.

The real eye opener of the week was this morning when I was catching up on Mama Laughlin's blog and reading her post from yesterday on when the things get tough. To say life has been tough this month would be an understatement. My professional life has put starting a new chapter of my personal life on hold for a while until things calm down.  (Perks of being self-employed.. you can't always "leave it at the office" ya know) Some days I feel like I could take on the whole world regardless of the fact that I am only 23, but then there are days like today where I feel like I've taken on way too much and don't know which way to go next and am losing control. While I was reading her post and eating my dark chocolate Hershey Kiss thinking to myself "theres no way in hell I'm logging this in Lose It" I read the part where she said when she started her weight loss journey, she tracked EVERYTHING, including the Little Debbie's. It was a sign, I'm sure of it. In that moment, all the reasons that I want to better myself came flooding into my mind. What I eat, how I feel, and how I look are all something I have control over. So, I owe a thank you to Mama Laughlin for yet another inspiring post. (Side note, I LOVE Mama Laughlin. She was the first blog I started reading and and I follow her religiously.)

So, here is why I've started this journey:
- fat rolls are cute as a baby, not in your 20s
- I want to be healthy for the day that I become pregnant
- tight pants suck
- tight shirts suck too
- being overweight makes you tired and I was tired of being tired
- I don't want to find myself crying to my husband about how I look again (its happened and he was a champ of a husband the entire time)
- I'm tired of making excuses for myself

Those are all really generic, boring, not very in depth reasons, but they are all that come to mind right now. There are hundreds of reasons why I've started this journey. I just need to tell myself every once in a while to just keep going.

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