Jan 22, 2013


Oh my gosh is it Friday yet? Holy crap. I'm probably going to be saying this every day until about the end of March when my life as a crop insurance agent sloooows way down. Thats how this business works.. you work your ass off for 2.5 months, twiddle your thumbs for the next 2, work your ass off again for 3, then you coast the rest of the year. It is what it is and I'll get my whole life back in a couple months. 

So tonight, I was haunted by a Zumba song. Lets just pause for a minute so I can express my love for Zumba. 4 months ago I was introduced to this wonderful, 60 minute intense workout. I had heard about this phenomenon and that it was just fabulous, but I was terrified to go. I didn't want to just walk in there not knowing what I was getting into and I certainly wasn't going to do it by myself.  As soon as a friend asked me to go, I jumped on that opportunity and lets just say it was love at first drop of sweat. (Time out for fun right now though, I'm catching up on the Bachelor and I'm watching the first episode. Ashley P, the 50 Shades of Grey chick, is a nut job. Where did they find her?!) 4 months later, I'm close to addicted to Zumba. The Zumba I go too, isn't your typical Zumba, or so I'm told.  The class I go too isn't ALL dancing. I mean, we shake our things and I look like a fool for at least 75% of the workout... the instructor just incorporates a lot of squats, ab work and arm exercises into.

Now onto me being full on haunted by this music that my body is use to groovin too.
Example 1 - Girl weekend with my mother in law and sister in laws (or is it sisters in law? I've heard both ways I after a year and a half of having in laws, I still don't know the correct term. whatever) We were shopping and I had been binge eating on the free breakfast buffet, 3 free adult beverages at the hotel, fast food, cookies, all things that don't normally fit within my calorie limit. I heard at least 3 different songs over the course of 2 days. Not a big deal.
Example 2 - The hubs and I are enjoying a nice date night that started at an Italian restaurant then he surprised me with a trip to an ice cream place. This ice cream place, Ivanhoes, has about 100 different sundae and shake flavors. As I am taking my last bite of my delicous pecan pie sundae (the mini, mind you) one of the hardest songs of the last few weeks comes on. I just looked up at the speakers and shook my head. I get it, Train, I get it. (the song was that 50 ways to say good bye or whatever the title is.)
Example 3 - so this one happened tonight. I decided to not go to Zumba.. yeah I just expressed my undying love for the workout and decided not to go. I actually made the decision to not leave my house when I got home from work because it was so damn cold out, Danny is at work, and I've got hours upon hours of tv calling my name. But, my aunt texted me and said her and my Grammy had dinner ready and they made mac and cheese. The inner fat kid heard mac and cheese and couldn't of gotten in her car fast enough. As I'm turning the corner to go down Gram's road, THE DAMN TRAIN SONG COMES ON! Of course, its Zumba night, I skip Zumba, and decide to eat macaroni and cheese instead.

Music has a way of speaking to me. Whether its telling me that I need to lay off the pasta and ice cream, or something else, I do believe songs play at certain times for a reason. Yeah, I still ate the mac and cheese, but thats not the point. The most influential instances are songs that pertain to my dad. We played the song Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd at his funeral. He had the lyrics framed and hanging in our barn.. it just explained his life.  Well, this song has a way of making its way into my life. It has come now at a time when I could really use my dad's advice, his approval. I've been looking, waiting, LISTENING for a sign for weeks, and I got it today. I know I'm on the right path.

Like I've said before, there is always a song to fit the needs of your life. Its so reassuring.

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