Jan 20, 2013

Ohh Sundays

Sunday has arrived.  That means the weekend is drawing to an end and the work week is creeping up on me. Sundays have transformed for me over the years. High school and college, they were for finishing homework and lounging with the family and Danny. When I was done with college, I told myself they would be for all those wonderful projects that I found on Pinterest.  Well, that last for about 2 weeks.

Now that work has spun out of control for the year (thats how crop insurance works my friends.. more on my lovely job another day) as it does a few times out of the year, Sundays have transformed into catching up on laundry, couponing, meal planning for the week, and snuggling with my hubs and pup :) Well, the pup on days Danny is at work, which today is one of those days. I'm a firm believer in meal planning. Its vital to reasonable spending on groceries as well as a healthy lifestyle. Always have a plan!

One of my goals for 2013 is to learn how to do it all, how to manage the crazy busy times and still be the person that I want to be. The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy and I haven't exactly been balancing it very well. I want it to change and I need it to change. Sundays are going to be where that takes place. I am a firm believer in that Sundays are a day of rest, so my path to this change will need to complement that too.

Here's the plan... when Danny's home/when its just me:
Morning time - attend church / browse the weekly ads, plan any shopping trips and all meals, catch up on General Hospital (don't judge me, I love it.)
Afternoon - lunch after church, some light cleaning / grocery store if necessary, lunch date with a friend or my mama
Evening - this is where it doesn't matter if Danny is home or at work.  This will be where the Pinterest crafting and home organizing will happen! I've got quite a few things that need accomplished. This will be the calm before the storm, the storm being the work week lol.

Thats all I've got for now. I have lunch plans with my long time BFF at the Mexican restaurant here in town, so I need to get in the shower and obsess over how I want to order arroz con pollo and a fish bowl (32 oz) marg, but I need to order fajitas, then drool over the tortillas, sour cream, rice and beans they bring with it and not actually eat them. I WILL get diet coke though. The diet coke at this place is delicious, like better that McDonald's delicious, which is impressive. Ok, this hair aint gonna wash, dry and straighten itself.

See yens :)

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