Feb 11, 2013

holding myself accountable

I've come to a realization over my last few blog posts. I was thinking to myself this afternoon "Erin what are you gonna write tonight." The next thing that came to mind was well, your food choices were anything but stellar this weekend. They weren't even decent. Then there is the realization... that seems to be a trend. This blog holds many purposes, one of which being to hold myself accountable for my lifestyle. Tomorrow is where it starts. I'm only saying tomorrow because its 830 and I'm not eating any more today. My choices are what they are and I can't go back and change them. I can change them moving forward though. Thats that. This realization comes just in time for the start of the 6 week toning session of zumba. My instructor is a freakin boss and every once in a while, she'll throw in an extra session for 6 weeks that focuses on toning. I think its fabulous because the regular sessions are mostly cardio. I mean we squat of booties til they won't squat anymore, but Sunday includes arm work, ab work, mucho booty work, and tons of leg work and not so much jumping and shaking.  Its that good burn that you know is going to make getting out of bed suck bad.

I'm currently watching this awful one-on-one date that Sean is on with Tierra. I just wish they could hide Sean in a closet when she is interacting with the girls so he could see and then pop out in one of her "I'm the freakin best" rants. Ah, I would lose it! She's freakin crazy. And that whole "these girls aren't gonna be around much longer" line.. that was a mistake because thats bitchy and Sean ain't gonna fly for that bitchiness.  Time will tell... and by time I mean 30 minutes when the show is over. I'm such a reality tv addict. I'm not the least bit worried about it.

Valentine's Day is this week! I am a sucker for cheesy gestures and love the holiday. I even liked handing out cards to all my friends in elementary school. Its just fun. I've got something super cute planned for the Mister this year and I can't wait to present it. I'd tell my whole one reader (Hi, Kathleen :) ) what the plan is, but on the off chance he reads this, I'll wait until Saturday to show off my cuteness. :)

Time to watch the end of Tierra's demise. Night all!

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