Feb 25, 2013

back on track!

I hate to see weekends come and go, but my body was pretty happy to see this one go. Wednesday afternoon I left for my first business trip. It wasn't bad.. until Thursday morning when I started snackin on donut holes, then ate a mini bag of chips for lunch, then a cookie with my subway sandwich. Like I said in my last post, this trip was going to be full of poor food choices, but not all of them were expected.  My meetings were slow and I am definitely a "bored eater." Boring meeting + cookies, donuts and chips = piss poor decisions.  Thursday I stopped snacking long enough to be super duper hungry for Danny and I's reservations at the steakhouse.  Luckily we had a food comp and could splurge on nice things like shrimp and crab cocktail and filet mignon. My 12-year-old appearance caused the waiter to ask us if we'd like a "soft drink." I'm 99.9% it was because of that. It happens. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we gambled a little.  I am a sucker for slots and I love me some roulette.  Its easy and I like playing with my husband.  He says I'm bad luck for him though. He lost his ass on our cruise whenever I'd sit with him. It happened somewhat on this trip, but definitely not as bad. Regardless of how much money we lost, we still had a good night and thats what counts.
That plan was a bust

My smokin' hot husband and me before
our delicious (and expennnnsive) dinner

 We were gambled out and in bed by 11pm and I am not complaining at all.  It had a little bit to do with my early wake up time and a little to do with the fact that Danny was on the verge of the flu. My poor hubs was hurtin and being sick away from home is rough. He didn't eat any dinner, which helped me make a better dinner choice of salad with some chips and queso. (I didn't say good, I said better) Saturday he woke up feeling better but definitely not 100%. We planned on eating the Paula Deen Buffet before heading home and we still did.  He only ate one plate, which was okay since I had 3. When at the Paula Deen Buffet, the phrase "When in Rome" applies.  I got this cute little thing too.

Like I said, my body thanked me Sunday when I resumed normal eating activity and went to the Zumba toning sesh. I am back to counting calories and workin the bod. Summer is right around the corner and it is crunch time.  I'm back in the right mindset and I plan on getting shit done.  There might be some running in my future. I tried a few months ago, but trying a running program in DECEMBER is just setting yourself up for failure.  We shall see.

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