May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Hooters

You might be thinking we bought my mom a new set of girls for Mother's Day. Wrong. We did something classier. We went to Hooters for Mother's Day dinner.

Saturday night Danny was at work and told me he saw a Hooters commercial saying that mom's eat free on Mother's Day. I told him to text her, jokingly, to see what she would say. Her response was, "I haven't been there in a while that sounds like fun!" I proceeded to text her and tell her Danny was just f'ing with her and she said "Would I not be the coolest mom and mother in law in the world though?" After 23 years, she's still striving to be the cool mom.
The place was PACKED! The waitress said it had been like that all day long.

We had a lot of fun and got some good laughs out of our restaurant choice. My mom even said, "Lets make this a Mother's Day tradition." Looks like we'll be going back. Danny and my brother were just really upset that we'll be going back for future Mother's Days to come. Right.

I can't forget how lucky I am to be a mom to the cutest puppy on Earth! He's not much of a puppy anymore though. He'll be 3 tomorrow!
I hope everyone had a great mother's day as well!

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