Apr 22, 2013

Hubbyless Weekend Recap

Freakin Monday is here already. And it has begun in true Monday fashion. I got halfway through making my breakfast.. egg beaters with turkey sausage and green peppers... like in the skillet getting scrambled. I noticed the egg beaters were... lumpy. I pulled the little carton out of the trash and read "Exp April 16 2013." F.

Back to the weekend.  Any weekend that starts off with one of these bad boys is bound to be great.
Two whole pounds of deliciousness. This sucker serves 20. My mother in law bought a few of these for a solar system project for my nephew and Danny and I said we wanted one. Since Danny was going to be gone this weekend, she brought me my own :) I managed to get through the weekend with only eating a piece every 12 hours or so lol. The rest of Friday consisted of Taco Bell for dinner because I have 0 will power, a nap on the couch from 730-8 while I watched the news coverage of the manhunt. I am so glad thats over, but probably not as glad as the residents of Boston and surrounding neighborhoods.

Saturday consisted of more spring cleaning, a quick trip to Target and then lunch with a few high school friends at the mexican place. I tend to go there a lot. :) Saturday night I went to Cheesecake Factory with my mom and my brother's girlfriend since my brother was on the fishing trip with Danny. It was worth every minute of the 1 hour 5 minute wait.

We had a great time stuffing our faces until we were miserable.

Yesterday consisted of more cleaning, a trip to the grocery store, a birthday party and a couple rice krispie treats. It was a pretty quiet day. Danny made it in around 8pm and I was so happy to see him. So was Diesel!

Theres a quick recap of the weekend. Hope you all had a weekend just as great as mine :)

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