Jun 2, 2014

Oh this weekend

This weekend was exhausting.

It started Friday afternoon when I rushed home from work because Tucker was screaming hungry after all of his bottles. Between his hunger fits, we managed to go eat with my mom, brother and his girlfriend at what used to be our favorite Mexican place. Nope. Not anymore. My mom found a hair in her food and the beyond rude waitress gave what seemed like a well rehearsed response of "we don't have women in the kitchen" Oh bologna. This was after she very rudely climbed in our asses about how she "asked us 5 times how we wanted the bills."  It'll be a while if we ever go back. My brother probably will because he refuses to cook and the food options in town are limited, but this is the second time in about a year I've had a really bad experience there. The owner, who has moved to Indy and opened another restaurant, use to be amazing. He probably still is. But since he left his brothers in charge, its gone way down hill. Its sad really.

That brings us to Saturday. Saturday was the most exhausting day I've had since Tucker was a newborn. Two words: Growth Spurt. He was up at 5 am, for the 3rd day in a row, and ate EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR! Every hour until 9pm. He may have gone an hour and a half once. Just once though. Danny was at his other job and then helped his brother get his fields ready to plant after that so I was on my own. I luckily was able to shower and at least eat a decent breakfast. Lunch was popcorn until Danny could bring me home a McD's salad and then dinner. It was a long, long day. I basically sat on the couch the entire time. I watched A LOT of Parenthood. Like 8 episodes and that was after the 3 episodes of General Hospital.
Before the madness. This must have been my warning look.

Sunday was MUCH better! Tuck woke up around his normal time. I ended up being able to meal plan and go to the grocery as well as do a load of laundry. I could have done more but I was still feeling the effects of the day before and Danny was gone helping his brother again. So, more Parenthood it was. That was the extent of my Sunday. Oh, except for Tucker's new favorite thing to do: play with my mouth. Forget the toys, he's got lips and teeth to grab.

That was it for us. I'm hoping for a more fun weekend next weekend.


  1. I have a pretty scab on my top lip where Oliver attempted to play with my mouth before clobbering me with his razors for nails. I immediately clipped those suckers. I love his warning look and holy hair mom. Tuck has so much.... but he is oh so cute.

  2. Yikes! I hope this week and this coming weekend are much better for both you and Tucker! That picture makes him look like he's giving you an evil eye. Too funny! :)