May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

Well, well, well. Its been a few weeks since I've shared my 5 Friday randoms with you. That's what happens when I don't work on Friday. I don't blog. Its hard to blog when you're snuggling a sweet little babe. But, here I am. At work on a Friday. Its an actual miracle.

1. The senior class at the high school graduates tonight. It's got me feeling all nostalgic and old. 5 years didn't seem like a big deal. But when you hit year 6, have a baby and a full time stressful big girl job, apparently that's when it hits ya. Here's me and my high school sweetheart after we graduated. Love that man! P.S. I had to find my Myspace to get this picture. Hilarious.
2. My favorite app at the moment is timehop. Have you seen or heard of it? It goes back through your social media pages and shows you what you've posted on that day 1, 2, or even 5 years ago. A year ago today Diesel told the world we were pregnant. I love going back through my Facebook and Twitter to see what I was thinking/posting so this app just makes me all sorts of happy. Life really is all about the little things people.

3. We're at the end of an era folks. The Great Holly said her good-bye's to the blog world this morning. Although I'm sad to see her go and will miss reading her hilarious posts, she is still pretty amazing. Go leave her some lovin, especially since she's probably the reason why you'll all here in the first place.
4. My sweet little babe has been waking up early the last 2 days, which throws my entire morning off and pumping schedule. Not real sure what is going on, but I believe there is formula in our very near, as in next week, future. I'm hoping its just a growth spurt or something and we get back to our regular routine here soon. I swear, as soon as I adapt to his new bed time and wake up time, he throws me a curve ball. I'm not really sure how to deal with this one, but we'll see what happens. He's totally worth it though, even if he does wake up at 5 ready to go, putting him in his jumper at 6 so mama can get ready for work. Hell the jumper is probably the issue. The kid loves that thing!

5. This will probably be my attitude for the day. Good luck to me actually getting shit done.
Hope you all have a good weekend! :)


  1. We just bought Jake a jumperoo and he LOVES it!!!!

  2. I love Time Hop! Such a neat app. And your little one has so much hair! Adorable. And yes to that eCard. Have the best weekend!

  3. The timehop app is amazing! Especially as a mom. I always get so mushy when it pulls up old pictures of Kennedy!

  4. I have going to have to download that app... Although I don't know if I want to see some of the things I have posted in my past. ek!

  5. I've been out of school 5 years this year... I already feel old.. glad to know that year 6 is the icing on that old cake ;)

  6. Time hop?! I must have that! Downloading now! Thanks! I couldn't believe the big news about big Holly! So sad!!! She will be missed! That is totally hilarious that you had to find myspace to get that picture! Lol. We went to the local graduation this past weekend too and I totally felt older than dirt. Then Michael pointed out his record thing on the wall from 1998 and I really felt old. Or maybe I feltl old for him because he's 4 years older. Lol. :)