May 28, 2014

Right this very second

You know what I love? When the lovely Holly takes a lot of effort out of blogging for me. I've seen these posts floating around and just never use them. I honestly don't know if this is a link up, if I'm suppose to come up with my own categories or what. All I know is I am jacking this straight from her page and using it today.

Wearing... an outfit that is all wrinkled to hell. I basically wadded the shorts up before I put them in my drawer the other day and my shirt has been sitting on our cedar chest since I pulled it out of the bag over the weekend. Before then it was in a heap in the Target sack in our dining room that lacks a dining table for over a week. Do I care that its wrinkled? Not an ounce.

Watching... nada. So I'll change this one to Drinking... butter toffee coffee. It really doesn't taste great. I drink coffee 75% for the caffeine, 20% for the smell, and 5% for the taste.

Wanting... A vacation, but who doesn't? October cannot come soon enough! Orange Beach, here we come. I can't wait to see Tuck on the beach and finally share the awesome-ness that is Orange Beach with Danny. I've talked about this place hundreds, maybe even thousands of times, since we've been together and he finally gets to experience it. I'm super duper excited and I'm sure I will be talking about it at least once a week.
Loving... The fact that I've become a night time shower-er. I've always been a morning shower person because it "wakes me up." That was a lie I told myself. Tucker has forced me to become a night shower person by moving his wake up time up a half hour. You know what I did in that last 30 minutes? Dried my hair, straightened it, did my make up and made my coffee. I contemplated cutting my hair because I thought that would help. I would have been pissed if it didn't work. So, I tried a night time shower and I love it. I get to use this nice body scrub, take my time, shave my legs more than once a week, and actually do something with my hair besides scrunch it and hope it turns out okay. Wearing my hair curly is such a crap shoot so I'm glad those gambling days are over. So, thanks for helpin mama out Tuck!

Testing... Running. The humidity and heat might kill me.

Laughing... My caffeine hasn't kicked in yet so I'm still a zombie. Zombies don't laugh.


  1. "Zombies don't laugh" hahaha best line I've heard in a long time!!!

    love it!
    I do my hair washing shower at night, but do a morning wakeup/rinseoff shower so I get the best of both worlds. The humidity around here sucks especially in summer that I end up waking up sweaty or sticky.

  2. I used to be a morning shower person too. Well I still kind of am. I take a shower at night and do my hair, and then take a really quick shower in the morning to basically "wake up" and wash my face. It. is. The. best. thing. ever.

  3. That coffee sounds good. Whats now good about it? Where do you get that flavor? I am still a morning shower person. My hair is just too cray if I don't .

  4. I want a vacation too! :) I love taking night time showers sometimes. Especially when I know the next morning is going to be a rushed one :)