May 20, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Week 7

This past week was much better on the eating front, but not so much on the exercise part of it. But I did say that I wanted to focus on the eating part. Mother Nature and my health got in the way of my running last week.

I was able to pick up a couple things at the grocery last week to get me through the weekend and I've said before that I do really well in the days following.  That was the case again. I finished off the ice cream Saturday and am going to try to go a whole month without it. Lord help me. I won't cut the wine out though. It's crucial to getting through the week.

Sunday I stocked up on fruit and veggies to snack on and meal planned my little heart out. I made this egg bake to eat for breakfast a couple days this week. I threw in some turkey sausage crumbles so the hubs would be happy with it as well. Things are going well and will continue to as long as I get my ass to the grocery on a weekly basis. That's going to be time consuming, but now that Tucker can lean to the side sit in the cart, it frees up more opportunities to go. So yay for that!

Now the exercise. Remember that lovely cyst I had on my tailbone right after Tuck was born ? Well, I got another one that I discovered last Sunday. I decided to go ahead and run on Monday since it was still in the early stages and luckily it didn't bother me while I did that. So that was a good sign. I got a pack of Epsom salts and took a bath Monday night. Tuesday it was worse and I was pisssssed! I decided to take another bath Tuesday night and if it was worse Wednesday I would call the surgeon I saw in December. I woke up and it was about the same, maybe even a little better, but I called anyways. They said since it was improving then I was doing what I can for now and to call if it got worse and they would give me some antibiotics. I wanted to avoid antibiotics so I wouldn't have to worry about dealing with f'ing thrush again so I took baths the rest of the week. I am happy to report that the cyst is gone. I am so happy I caught it in time. The bad part? I think the glider was the culprit again. Last Friday (the one before Mother's Day) Tucker was up from 4a-6a and I sat in the glider for majority of that time. That's what  happened when we was born. Those first few sleepless nights, I sat in the glider with him I've gotta quit doing that. Sitting with him at bedtime on the spare nursing pillow is okay, but the marathon sessions will need to be moved to the couch.

Last night's C25K (run 5, walk 3, run 5, walk 3, run 5) went so much better than I anticipated. I was pretty much dreading it all day. Maybe this non-runner will be a runner after all?


  1. Glad the cyst went away! I was never a runner but became one then slacked off and im a non runner again im working on getting back to it. If you dont use it you lose it just keep that in mind it will help you keep going.

  2. Oh my goodness! You and those cysts! That's terrible! I feel for you girl! Good thing you were able to nip it in the but! That ecard is perfect!!!!! Yay for your run last night! Good job!