May 2, 2014

Five on Friday

Friday is finally here. Thank the LOOOORD! Monday was a long one so that made Friday seem like it was ages away. It's date night and a weekend with a 2 page long to-do list. I'm ready to get started. It's going to be one of those weekends where I wake up on Monday wishing for another Sunday! For now its time to join in on the Five on Friday fun with Darci @ The Good Life Blog. And let me just say my 5 are super random. What else is new though, right?

1. First and foremost. Grey's Anatomy last night. I have NOT watched it yet so I'm not sure how it went. All I know is Christina is gone, which luckily I knew that at the beginning of the season otherwise I would have had a heart attack. The second thing I know is my BFF Shelby texted me saying she was crying happy tears. This is huge for her since she rarely shows she has a heart. I told her not to say another word since I can't watch it until today. We are obsessed with this show and it is how we became best friends.

 I'm kind of worried about the future of Grey's Anatomy. After the plane crash it's been kind of so-so to everyone I talk to. I've still been loving it with all my heart. Except for the teeny tiny fact that they killed off 2 of my very favorites.

2. Like I mentioned up there, I've got a to-do list that's 2 pages long for this weekend. It's spring cleaning weekend in the Summers home and I have so many feels about it. I'm ready to get started because I'm excited about having a super clean house but at the same time I'm dreading it because that's a lot of cleaning. I've got my tasks mapped out and I've chosen which ones I'm doing tomorrow and which ones I'm doing Sunday when Danny is here and we've hopefully pawned our kid off on a family member.
There is another page. Ugh.

3. When I cook dinner on nights that Danny is working, I like to bring Tucker in the kitchen with me and set him on the counter in a seat. I put him in his chair and almost started crying. How much of a little man does he look like? He will be 5 months old on Sunday. Hell he looks like he's pushing 1. His hair makes him look like such a big dude! Everyone keeps joking with me that I should cut it and I tell them "no, over my dead body" every time. I love it and its what makes him Tucker.

4. I almost let the blog cat out of the bag the other day. One of my friends sisters just had a baby on Monday and was starting to get really discouraged about breastfeeding.  She was telling me that they were dealing with a sleepy, lazy eating baby with high bilirubin levels. I started having flashbacks to Tuck's first week on the outside world and wanted to help prevent those rough, awful, guilty feelings I had when he lost over a pound of his birth weight. Her sister is in the same lactation consultant hands that I was in and I told her what they had me do. I didn't have to expose my double life just yet :) If you're new here, I've talked about Tuck's first week HERE and our uphill breastfeeding battle HERE. Next week I'll post an update on how things have been going since. It's pretty amazing really.

5. Since it is officially May, as made away by Justin Timberlake, it's time for my summer hair. Bringing the blonde back. I'm a natural blonde but I've been highlighting my hair since I was about 14. Such a vicious cycle those highlights. And changing hair color is so addicting. I remember when I lived with a few girls from high school I was on my way to a hair appointment in November and one of them asked "are you getting your winter hair done" and this was before I had named them. So she's where the Summer and Winter hair come from. Anyways, its been the darker, more natural
looking blonde for a while. It's time. Also around this time I usually get a hair in my ass to cut it. It's at a length now that I would consider it long but its not too much to handle. I just have to prevent myself from chopping it like I did in the fall. I'm a medium length with layers kind of girl, but I'm digging the length it is now. Although, if I trusted my hair abilities to be able to style my hair like this, I'd totally do it.
That's it for today. God help me get through this spring cleaning. I have a feeling I'll be polishing off the 12 pack of Summer Shandy.


  1. Aww he is adorable! That hair cut is so pretty, but I have spent so much time growing mine out I am not cutting it. I went with a red violet color which is way different for me im usually blonde or dark brown. I felt like being a little risky and I LOVE IT.

  2. Holy shit bat man! That's a huge to do list! Go big or go home huh?! Haha! Good luck with getting the majority of it crossed off! That's always a great feeling! That hair cut is soooo cute! I'm sure you will look great regardless of what you decide to do with it! :)

  3. Your "To Do" list looks a lot like mine! Ugh! Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed with it, I write things on there that I've already finished just so I can check it off...or at least put things that I KNOW will get "brush teeth." Hahahaha! Good luck getting things checked off the list!

  4. I just want to squeeze his cheeks, he can't be anymore cute. I agree with you do not cut the hair. OOOHH another Grey's fan. It was so good last night. You are going to LOVE It.

  5. I have multiple to-do lists (for work, home, and prepping for baby), and it seems like every time I cross something off my list, 3 more tasks pop up! Haha!

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Love love loving the new blog look! :)