May 1, 2014

May Goals

Another month has come and gone for 2014. How in the F are we 1/3 the way through the year already? The only thing that makes it slightly funny is seeing this picture for the last few days.

Anywho, with the 1st of the month being today, it is time to talk about how I failed at most of my April goals and come up with some new ones for May. Lets get started.

April goals were...
1. Organize craft supplies - Nope. I can make excuses for this one all day long, but in all honesty it just didn't get done.
2. Nag my husband enough to put shelves in our spare closet - I nagged him enough that the shelves were purchased! He says he was going to put them up last weekend but I didn't remind him. I don't believe that for a second. I've begged for them to be put up tomorrow because that will be vital to the spring cleaning that is happening this weekend.
3. Stick to my workouts - I feel like I can say I did this 3 out of the 4 weeks. I'll call that a win.
4. Meal prep - I made some egg white muffins on Sunday and earlier in the month I had prepped some fruit. I'll call this one a win too.
5. Map out spring cleaning - Did this last night with 2 hours of April to spare. This weekend its on!
6. Plan our garden - Ehhh, sorta happened. By sorta I mean Danny moved it closer to the house and made the area about 1/4 of the size of the old one.

April goals weren't as bad as I thought! Now for what I'm planning on for May.
1. Again, organize craft supplies - Baby toys are taking over our living room and we need to get a jumperoo for Tucker. My craft shit is sitting right in a perfect spot for one of those to go. I think if I don't get this one done this month, I'm just going to have to throw it away. That'll solve the problem now won't it!
2. Spring cleaning - This is on the agenda for this weekend. I hope and pray I get at least half of it done. I'm going to see about shipping Tucker off to his aunt and uncles on Sunday so Danny and I can focus on it.
3. Come up with a weekly cleaning schedule - I see those perfect little "20 minutes a day" schedules on Pinterest all the time. I've got some Heritage Makers points stock piled and I think I might be able to make a cute little weekly checklist that can be framed. Danny isn't thrilled of the idea because its too much like a to-do list, but its happening. Plus I love crossing things off a list.
4. Finish C25K - Week 4 Day 1 is my next one. Hopefully I can get this one done.
5. Get one of the rentals ready to sell - My brother and I have decided to sell the house that my dad bought for our Grammy. It won't require much physical work to get ready, just a lot of other things like getting property lines redone and talking with our accountant and realtor.
6. Plant the garden - I still need to figure out what we are planting but that shouldn't be too difficult.


  1. I need to make a cleaning schedule too now that i work full time nothing ever gets done!

  2. I can't believe it's may either, that means one more month (from 5/20) my little guy will be 1-ONE-uno. No matter how I say it it makes me sad. I need to make a check list like this. I feel my house is becoming a little unorganized one day at a time and it's driving me bonkers. Way to go on your April goals.

  3. Bahahah! "It's gonna be May" <- I died!