May 27, 2014

Long Weekend Recap

"I really hate 3 day weekends" - Said no one EVER!

This weekend was just about perfect. We didn't do anything spectacular and I got enough crap done around the house to make me feel good enough. Perfect!

I took Friday off to go to the doctor and run a couple errands. Tuck joined me.  Its usually pretty slow at work the day before Memorial Day weekend since everyone is making the last big push to get their corn planted so I didn't want to sit in the office twirling my thumbs when I could be enjoying an extra day with my little dude. It was wonderful. We took a snooze in the morning before we left and slept a little bit more when we got home. We also put together his new toy, which he loooooves.

I've been meaning to get him a jumper for a while but just haven't. I'm so glad I did. He was so happy, but he looked like such a big boy that I literally shed some tears. I'm such a sap these days. We also went and picked out some more hanging baskets, the flowers for our Summers rock and got some tomato plants. I planted the tomatoes and flowers that evenings then we ordered Mexican take out and had dinner on the back porch. It was a lovely night. 
After Tuck went to bed, I got to try a new wine. Go get some.

Saturday we met my mom for lunch and to go look at an apartment with her. Gigi is movin closer! About 30 minutes closer too. And right around the corner from my go-to mall. Dangerous. 
He tries to eat/drink EVERYTHING

That night I went and had a couple beers for my friend Andrea's birthday. Danny was at work so his mom came and stayed with Tuck after he went to bed. She's wonderful!

Sunday we went to church and then to breakfast where I proceeded to make Tuck's thumb bleed while I was picking his nails. I don't cut them in fear of cutting him and making him bleed. Mission failed. Let me tell you, nothing bleeds more than a baby thumb. Holy shit. No amount of pressure or ice (Medic Danny says ice helps stop bleeding? I never knew that) could make that shit stop. It eventually did once we got home but I felt terrible. I also went to run at the high school. I normally go to the park but there was a graduation party for some family friends going on that we said "we couldn't make it too" so I had to find a new place to run so I didn't look like a complete asshat. After we ate dinner (I made these spare ribs in the crock pot) Danny had to complete a cold water challenge. Have you seen these going around on Facebook at all? You get challenged by someone to either jump in a pool/lake/some big thing of water, or donate money to a charity of that persons choice. If you accept the challenge (jump in the water) you can challenge 3 more people (I think 3 is the magic number) and pick a charity. Danny challenged people to donate to the Indy Honor Flight. It's pretty cool. I fully expected him to call my name out as he jumped off the diving board.

Monday was a pretty relaxed day. Danny worked so Tuck and I were on our own. We enjoyed the beautiful weather for a bit. We also watched a lot of Parenthood, paid bills, meal and grocery planned and then met my mom, brother and his girlfriend for a vacation planning dinner. The condo is booked and we are headed to Orange Beach in October! I cannot wait! 

So that is pretty much our weekend. It was pretty wonderful!


  1. Tuck is getting so big. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I like to tell people "we are busy" to clear up our calendar sometimes too... I don't like rushing and being pulled 20 different directions.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Glad you were able to get some stuff done around the house! That's always such a great feeling! I love your "Summers" rock! So cool! Yay for your Mom moving closer!! :)