May 13, 2014

Transformation Tuesdsay: Week 6

Posting a little late this morning due to internet issues at the office. When you live and work in Podunk, IN, reliable internet is kind of hard to come by. And when it storms? You have to reset that shit and pray it comes back on like I just did.  If not, it would be difficult to work and blog. Such a first world problem I know, but that's what the world has come too. Being totally dependent on technology.

Anywho, onto the shedding of the baby weight. I guess the word hoarding would be more like it. I've got 2 main issues.
1. I'm using breastfeeding as a crutch. I keep telling myself that the milkshakes, bowls of ice cream, French fries and cheeseburgers are ok since I "need extra calories" and all. Extra calories is correct, but not in those delicious forms.
2. I've been very lazy in my meal planning. No meal plan = bad. I've said before that I do really well when I go to the grocery but after that first week its downhill. I'm currently going downhill.

My main goal this week is to get my eating back on track. I feel like a broken record, but the food part is hard. To me, its much more difficult than the exercise. My evenings are busy with Tuck, housework, and getting ready for the next day so making a healthy dinner seems very difficult.

Couch25K is going pretty well. I just finished Week 4 yesterday, and it wasn't as difficult as I thought. I'm hoping for the same reaction to Week 5. I read the plan yesterday and almost fell over. I can do it though! I need to add some better running jams to my phone though. All the ones I have on my workout play list are great for power walking, but only a couple are good for running. I need some running song suggestions... ready, GO!

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!


  1. It is very easy to make excuses of why youre eating this or why youre not doing this..I used to do it all the time. Make one or two goals a week and meet them that way youre not overwhelmed ya know. You totally got this :)

  2. I'm with you, meal planning and meal habits are tough!!! I love ALLLLL the junk food!!! :) Glad to hear your C25k is going well!

  3. Here are some of my favorite running jams!

    #thatpower --> & justin bieber
    wild wild love --> pitbul
    til' I collapse--> eminem
    can't hold us--> the heist & macklemore
    dark horse--> katy perry

    Good luck! :)