May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap

I've been getting bored with my weekend recaps this year, but this one deserves some talking about.

Friday I called my mom to see if she wanted to come up and watch Tucker while Danny and I went out to dinner and then she could just stay all night to go to my brother's girlfriends graduation. She happily jumped on that opportunity.

Danny and I had such a good time on our date.  It had been almost 2 months since we went to dinner just the 2 of us. We went to a restaurant neither of us had been too in at least 6 years, Lone Star Steakhouse.  The food wasn't very good, but they had $2.99 margaritas and those were to die for! Danny usually doesn't like margaritas but one sip and he was regretting not getting one. With cheap and delicious margaritas, your food doesn't have to be good. I can't wait to take my BFF Shelby there when she stays with me for a few days in August when she's home for a wedding. We formed our friendship on 2 kinds of girl dates: Buffalo Wild Wings take out/Grey's Anatomy and cheap margaritas/cheese fries. It'll be great!

Saturday started the cleaning marathon. I was on my own this day so I picked easier tasks from the list I posted Friday. Things I could do with Tucker in the carrier if need be. He was perfect all day though! My mom's dog was here too and him and Diesel were awesome as well. The dogs just slept and Tucker was content on his play mat listening to Pandora. I got the microwave cleaned, all the windows washed, my closet floor cleaned, under bed storage pulled out, our dressers cleaned off and all curtains washed. Not much actual cleaning was done, but our bedroom was at least prepped and ready to go. I took a break to go to a birthday party with Danny and I never really did anything else once we got home. Which was okay since I had gotten a few things done and I had some babysitting lined up for Sunday. My mom got back from the graduation and visited for a little bit before she headed home.

Sunday. The major cleaning day. Like work up a sweat cleaning. Thank the Lord above that I arranged for Tucker to go to Danny's brother's for the day. He was not having any part of just laying on the floor playing by himself. The only thing I got done between 9 and 1 was start a load of laundry and dust/polish our bedroom furniture. I dropped Tucker off and it was on. I swept up the equivalent of a small dog from under our bed, put our room back together and then got to work on the living room. I cleared the whole bookshelf, cleaned our entertainment center, cleaned end tables and the coffee table moved those to another room and swept underneath, swept the couches and then the floor. And I may have had 2 Summer Shandy's while I did that.
cleaning the Dan Overman way. Drink in hand.

While I worked on all of that, Danny cleaned the bathroom. We were done after that though. The kitchen will be a week long project, hopefully between the 2 of us, and our dining room/future play area will require a whole other day and a 6 pack. There is a lot of clutter on my desk that I have never sat at since living in this house. It will require some thought as to how that's going to be fixed.

OH! Big news. Those pesky craft supplies that keep ending up in my monthly goals? Yeah, they've been organized. For god knows how long. I forgot that I had actually went through the storage drawers and cleaned out what I didn't want anymore. Well, Danny got the shelves hung up in our spare closet so I rolled those bad boys in there and let out a huge sigh of relief that they are no longer being a complete eye sore in our living room. FINALLY!

Now that it's Monday, I want another Sunday and the cleaning habits of Monica Gellar so next year spring cleaning isn't so hard. And I must have done something right this weekend if my posts contains 2 separate beverage pics.


  1. My post has two separate drinking stories (1 pic) too. No cleaning though. I gave up before I even started. Oli makes another mess after I finish cleaning up his first. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Yay to getting those crafting supplies put away.

  2. I cleaned this weekend too I swear it took me 4 hours I didnt do much else but sleep in a lounge chair outside getting my tan on :)

  3. Haha! Cleaning with a drink in hand is a great idea! I might have to try that sometime! ;) Glad you were able to get some things crossed off your list as well as a date night with your hubs!