Jun 3, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: I forget what week

We are a tired bunch around here today.  Tucker fell asleep during his breakfast, Diesel was asleep beside us on the couch, I dozed off halfway through my coffee, Danny slept through an alarm at work and one of the other firefighters slept late too. Not real sure what is in the air around these parts, but it's making us tired!

I missed Transformation Tuesday last week. Having a Monday off threw my whole schedule out of whack, blogging and otherwise. I even had lots to share! One of which being that this bitch ran for 20 minutes straight, which came out to 1.75 miles. Not too shabby!

Anyways, a lot happened last week as well. I ran for 22 minutes and did just fine. I was about 30 seconds away from reaching the 2 mile marker, but wanted to follow the program so I stopped. Now, this week I am going to completely contradict that thinking. I am about 4 runs behind schedule for C25K. That wouldn't be a big deal if the 5K wasn't THIS SATURDAY! Yep, this Saturday is when I am scheduled to run 3 miles. The baffler of this though is that I freaking paid to do it. Who am I? So, the plan for tonight and Thursday? I'm skipping Week 7 (run 2.5 miles or 25 minutes) altogether and just heading straight for Week 8 (run 2.75 miles or 28 minutes). If I have to stop, then I have to stop. Its not going to be pretty though. I haven't ran since last Thursday and I can only run twice this week. My free childcare with lax drop off/pick up times is in North Carolina this week and Danny worked yesterday and works again tomorrow and Friday. Sooo that's what is going on with the exercise portion of this equation.

Now for the eating. This has been going well for the most part until this weekend. Ooooooof course. I slipped up on purpose though. My milk supply took a hit Thursday and Friday. I don't know if its from not eating enough, not drinking enough, because I dropped a pump session, or because parts need changed. Or a combination of all of it. So, I added some delicious unhealthy food back in and replaced some parts and things are getting back to normal. I need to find the right mix of things so I can lose weight and still maintain my milk supply. Breastfeeding is so damn tricky.

So, this is the last week of the first "phase" of losing the baby weight. What is next? I ordered T25 from Shannon @ Life After I Dew a couple weeks ago. If I start it next week, my last work out will be the day of a sorority sister's wedding, which is also my birthday weekend. Pretty perfect timing if you ask me. So, I think that might be next on the agenda. I'm not sure if running will be mixed in though. We'll see if I get that "runner's high" after the race. I'm kind of doubtful but we'll see. I also don't know if it is realistic for me to fit 2 workouts in on one day, but I've made so much progress running and I don't know if I want to give that up just yet. If anything, I can stick it in my back pocket for when I'm done with T25 knowing that I can run. So much to think about.

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  1. EEK- You are going to LOVE it!!! It is hard work but worth it. I am on Day 2 of Week 4 of the Beta cycle and I am loving my results. I am considering sharing all my before's and afters when I finish up... Keep truckin' you are doing awesome!!!