Jun 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Last week got pretty busy and the blog got put on the backburner. Apparently being a full time working mom and wife leaves little free time, even when you do your blogging at work. Who knew, right?

I worked a half day on Friday and took the little man to his 6 month check up (how is that possible?) Danny went along with us. Tuck weighs 16 lbs 9 oz and is 26 inches long. He is a growing boy and the doctor said he looks great! After the appointment, we used what time we had left before the Tylenol we gave him in the parking lot of the dr office wore off and went to look at travel trailers. I am beyond impressed with us that we didn't make an impulsive decision and buy one on Friday. We found a couple that we really like and we have the one picked out that we want to buy. Just need to get a couple things paid off first, which those will all snowball once we get our old mower sold. After about an hour of looking, we were given our warning from Tuck and we headed home.

Saturday was a busy day. I got up and did one of my T25 work outs and skipped the second one. I felt like I wouldn't benefit from pushing myself through it and I wanted to take Diesel to the park while Danny was home. After that we got ready and headed out to celebrate Father's Day since Danny worked on the actual day. I bought Danny and his mini-me special shirts for the occasion.

Skinny Meg bought these for her husband and their new little boy and I had been wanting to get shirts like this for Danny. These can be found on Etsy HERE.

We went to lunch at Montana Mikes where my eating went completely downhill for the rest of the weekend and then recliner shopping for Danny. That was my Father's Day gift to him. Well, buying half of it anyways. After that we went to visit some friends at the campground they were at for the weekend, just to see what camping is like in the daytime. We knew nighttime was sitting around, shooting the shit and drinking, but I have been concerned about what to do all day. For Danny's sake, not mine. Day time is a lot like nighttime. You RELAX. That's where I'm worried about the hubs. That word is not in his vocabulary and he almost physically cannot do it. After a couple hours there we headed home and I pretty much did nothing the rest of the evening.

Sunday Danny worked so it was just Tuck and me. We headed to the small airport in town to watch Danny's grandpa go on a glider ride. The man is 89 years old and took a ride in a glider. He is awesome!

After that Tucker and I headed to Target and the mall, then back to town to visit Danny at work and Danny's dad.

After we made the rounds, we met my mom at our house. She watched and fed Tuck while I did  my workout from Saturday. My brother and his girlfriend came over and we ordered pizza from my dad's favorite pizza place. My brother and I have done it the last few Father's Days and I hope we keep it up. Once they all left, Tuck went to bed and I followed shortly after.

It was a busy but fun weekend! We have another busy week this week though. Its the calm before the storm at work and we have family picture scheduled for Wednesday evening. I can't wait! :)


  1. Tucker keeps getting cuter and cuter! Love all his hair!

  2. Tucker is getting so big. I can't believe he is 6 months, however Oli will be 1 Friday.

  3. Those shirts on your men are adorable! So cute! Sounds like a nice weekend! I always said the same thing abuot my husband with camping and relaxing. But they eventually do relax! And there are other activities that you can do besides sitting on your tush! But I prefer the latter.... :)