Jun 30, 2017

Recapping: April

April brought the real world, aka Danny's time off was over and we started finding our normal. Which is really anything but.

Really though, April 1st was my first full day flying solo with both kids. I was still fighting off the cyst so we spent a lot of the day watching TV so I could sit on the heating pad and feed Charlee. We survived and it went a little too well. I even took them to the park by myself.

Bath time becomes a family affair when Daddy is at work. Almost 3 months later this is still what happens. Everyone that is in the house crams into the smallest part of our bathroom.

I took Tucker to an Easter party while my mom watched Charlee. It was the first time I left her. It was nice to get some one on one time with my first baby. This was also the day I discovered I was allergic to the antibiotic so I was soooooooo itchy.

Then Charlee turned a month old! She was so tiny!

Easter was our first holiday with 2 kids. 2 cute kids if I do say so myself.

Tucker had a blast hunting for eggs. That is actually what we do for fun. We play Easter Egg hunt in our house. We only have one picture of the entire family from that day and its a selfie.

Tucker started tee ball and I about died from the cuteness when he put his uniform on for the first time for pictures. Also, check out all that real life in the background... halloween costume, stray clothes and legos, an open umbrella, a pillow. April was back to real life and also survival mode.

At the end of the month is when I finally accepted that I had more than just the typical Baby Blues after having a baby. The reality of having 2 kids and solo parenting 3 days a week had set in, I came down off the happiness high and the somewhat tough pregnancy had caught up with me despite having a perfect labor and delivery. I still can't get over how "easy" it was. I AM going to get into this more later. Postpartum depression cannot be talked about enough.

That was it for April. May was much better for us.

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  1. Our house looks like your real life on a daily basis. It is worse when dad is keeping an eye on the boys because every single toy comes out and the clothes that are thrown every where you don't know if they came from the clean laundry basket waiting for my attention or the dirty laundry hamper in the next room.

    Oliver played tball this year too and I died over the cuteness.