Jun 29, 2017

Recapping: March

Let's see how well I can remember life between March 14th and March 31st. Thank God for social media since the last few weeks of March felt like one long day.

We made a few outings those first few weeks after Charlee was born. Her weigh-in's at the hospital went so well. Getting out of the house helped and I think I cried happy tears when she ate almost 2 ounces at the second one when she was a week old. After Tucker's dramatic weight loss and first couple weeks home, this was the one part about having a new baby that I was really nervous about. Here she is at a week old. Sooooo tiny! It's already hard to believe she was just a teeny baby too small for newborn clothes.

Charlee and I watched a lot of tv. What else is new haha. Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls, and Boston Legal were all playing when Tucker wasn't home or awake. Danny's mom kept Tucker during the day like normal. We wanted to keep his routine pretty much the same since life as he knew it was different. I don't think he really cared though since he was obsessed with her.

I ventured out of the house with both kids. By myself! We all survived with minimal crying from Charlee.

After Tucker was born, I had a pilonidal cyst on my tailbone. It was my second one. I had one in high school that I had surgically removed, which is the best way to remove it with the smallest chance of recurrence. Well, apparently I'm just really lucky because I got another one after Charlee was born. Despite me trying to not put so much pressure on my tailbone, I just couldn't prevent it. I caught it early though. So early there was nothing the doctor at MedCheck would do besides prescribe an antibiotic. I spent the next week taking baths whenever possible (which was rare since by the time I got done feeding Charlee I had about 45 minutes to do anything), sitting on a heating pad, and taking probiotics and eating yogurt to prevent any thrush issues like I had with Tucker after I had the cyst. About 3 days before I was finished with my antibiotic, I got a rash all over my body. I was so itchy. It was keeping me awake at night more so than my newborn. How ridiculous is that? It was then I found out I was allergic to Keflex.

We also had pictures done of Tucker and Charlee. Charlee would not sleep so she is awake in nearly every single one. You can just see how much Tucker loves her. He is going to be the best big brother to her.

That was March. It was certainly eventful but boring at the same time haha.

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  1. The pictures of your babies are adorable. How does Tucker like being a big brother?