Aug 29, 2013

23 weeks!

Last week was so busy that I couldn't get a 22 week bumpdate up. I had every intention of getting it ready Wednesday morning then hitting that publish button before I went to my class butttttt, I didn't. I do have a 23 week bumpdate though!!

Sorry for the hot mess look in the picture. We had just gotten home from our nephew's football game and it was a little toasty.

Baby size: Grapefruit
Any symptoms?  oh let's see.. back pain duh. a growing bump.
Cravings? cinnamon rolls. salads have been great, but I don't know that I'd call them a craving.
Favorite part this week? We tested paint colors in the nursery, but have yet to go look at them dry haha.
Least favorite part this week? Weight gain at this last appointment. I'll get to that in a minute
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? we've seemed to have settled on the name.... Tucker :)

My back pain was out of control this week. The wedding really wore me out between going and going all day, wearing heels for a few hours and doing a little dancing. I paid for it Sunday, Monday and even Tuesday. I also think the wedding was the culprit of my tailbone hurting. I had a pilonidal cyst when I was a senior in high school and the area seems a bit irritated right now. I have to be careful on how I sit down, get up and roll over in bed. So that's fun!

Lets talk about my weight gain. I had an appointment last Wednesday (in case you forgot that was my birthday) and I had to see a different doctor in the practice than my normal OB. That's fine, I wasn't too worried about it. Well, he informed me that I had gained 7 pounds since my last appointment a month ago. SEVEN! Different doctor and I didn't get off to a good start, even if you aren't suppose to kill the messenger. That kinda hurt a little, but also didn't stop me from enjoying an entire piece of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. Here's what I think about that number.
1. I went from wearing a bikini and not even looking pregnant (just pudgy) on August 3rd to being obviously pregnant in 2 weeks time.
2. I'm not eating terrible every single meal of every single day, but things could be better.

So, I've started using Lose It again. At least for a week or 2 to see what I'm really eating. I've set the program to "maintain current weight" so it doesn't take anything out. This allows me 2,000 calories. Yesterday, I ate around 1800 and was fine. The only times I was hungry were between snacks and at my nephews football game.   I honestly do really well the 4-5 days after I go to the grocery, but after that it's not great. I don't know if I get bored with what I'm eating or what. I really don't want to go to the grocery every week though. I've tried that during pregnancy and its not good. So, we'll see how things go with me tracking my food again.


  1. 7 lbs in one month is not horrible, especially if you haven't done that each time. which, by the way, I swear everytime I go to the doctor's office I have gained 6 or 7's depressing! but whatever, I'm just enjoying eating now because once this baby pops out, it's on!!!

  2. 7 lbs in one month... I'd take it!
    when I was pregnant with my first, I was gaining 6-8lbs at EVERY appointment. never again. not to mention my mom was my nurse so I always got THAT look from her. ;) I am def trying to do things different this time around! when I was 8 weeks with my daughter, I had gained 6lbs. I am 8 weeks now and I've gained 1.6lbs :)

  3. I agree with Lora... as long as your total gain isn't getting out of control I wouldn't worry too much. I try to track calories here and there as well just to make sure I am not going nuts.

  4. With my first I had a couple of appointments where I'd gain several pounds (9 one time!) in a short amount of time, but the other times I'd see little to no gain. I think it's normal to have spurts of weight gain throughout pregnancy, followed by slower "maintenance" periods. I think monitoring what you're eating is a good way to just be sure you're gaining in a healthy way, but don't stress too much! The body does crazy things to make that babe grow!

  5. You do not look like a hot mess, you look awesome!!

    And I hated when I gained that much during the month! For about a week, I was on a special diet given to me by my doctor before my glucose test. I noticed that during that week, I didn't gain anything! I was shocked, and full! I told my hubby that if I ever get pregnant again, I will just do the glucose diet!