Aug 20, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Here we are... the eve of my birthday. My last 24 hours of being the ripe old age of 23 before I jump into the old age of 24. I always have a hard time coming up with a birthday wishlist because I want big things that cost bunches of money. That and Danny and I usually just buy ourselves whatever we want. Those days are coming to an end with our little bundle of joy arriving.

I figured I would come up with a birthday list, just for shits and giggs. 

1. This girl needs some shirts. I consider myself still in an awkward stage of this pregnancy, for my closet at least. I'm obviously pregnant, but I'm not exactly big enough for maternity shirts yet. I think they still look pretty frumpy. My non-maternity shirts are getting tighter and they are getting too short. So, awesome.

2. A large box of popsicles. I dislike purple, green and orange. My favorites are the firework ones. You know the red, white and blue ones. Those are great.

3. Desserts - I love cheesecake, snickerdoodles, and white chocolate macademia cookies. Also if someone could mimic the chocolate lava cake from Carnival Cruises, that would be great too.

4. I need a massage. Actually, just a whole spa day, but I'll settle for just a massage.  My back kills almost daily and my legs get sore because I've been a lazy ass.

5. A maid. Just for cleaning and laundry. I really don't mind the grocery shopping and cooking. I actually enjoy those two activities. Its the sweeping, dusting, mopping, washing and folding that chap my ass.

6. A case of wine from Brown County Winery for after this kid pops out. My faves are Vista White and Cranberry Apple. Throw a bottle of Old Barrel Port in there for the hubs too.

7. Finally, I would like a beach vacation that I can use next year. I dont want to go right now because I feel like a hog, but I feel like next September or October I'll be ready. Physically and mentally. Orange Beach is my favorite, but anywhere in Florida (Gulf side please) is fine.

Thats it :) I know right... it starts simple, but then I throw in some biggies. I don't want much out of life, it just costs too much!

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  1. This made me laugh! You deserve each and every one for carrying around that baby!