Aug 26, 2013

Weekend Recap!

I'm baaaack! The end of last week was absolutely jam packed, which also means it was exhausting. Wednesday night I headed down to the south side of Indy to stay with a friend because she lives 20 minutes from my all day class on Thursday. Got home from class around 7pm, then had wedding rehearsal on Friday at 11am. Worked for a few hours after that, then decided to stay up unitl 2am with the bride and other bridesmaids. Good idea, Erin and friends!

Saturday morning we all rolled out of bed around 9am and started getting ready for our dear Rachael's big day. We leisurely showered, dried hair and ate breakfast before heading to the salon. When we got there, we all got beautified.  Make up was done, hair was curled and pinned back per each of our requests and we were on our way to the venue to change into our dresses. Rachael (bride) had trouble getting her dress on. Not because it didn't fit, but because it was a lace up back and her mom hadn't practiced it and she also had fake nails on for the first time in her life. We got it figured out and headed to take pictures.  I can't wait to see the pictures! Rachael and Brent's engagement pictures were amazing so the wedding pictures will be fabulous.

The wedding went perfectly. The groom stunned EVERYONE though as he SANG as the bridesmaids, ring bearers, flower girls and his BRIDE walked down the aisle. Full on sang a beautiful song. Honestly, I got up to the front and started looking around to find the singer because I knew the vocals were live but I couldn't find anyone. Then one of the bridesmaids standing next to me whispered, in complete shock, "oh my god thats Brent singing!" The bar has now been set for all those men sitting out in the chairs next to their girlfriends and fiances.  Best of luck to you guys as you try to get away with your ceremony having traditional processional music.

The reception was a blast. The groom has 1 sister... and 9 brothers! He is child number 7 of 11.  The millions of family members are all hilarious and completely crazy.  While they were all dancing, my family was back at the bar seeing who could rack up the largest bar tab. This was after they had picked the table closest to the bar. The winner? Blu Falls Arts and Events Center.

Lovin on little baby

The "losers" from the bar tab contest.

Sunday Danny and I went to breakfast with my friend Andrea and her boyfriend. She wanted to take me out for my birthday because she's missed the last 4 birthdays because of school. So that was sweet. After relaxing on the couch, I headed to the Grand Prix that our town was hosting. It was a huge go-cart race around a couple blocks in town. It was the second year for it and its becoming such a huge hit, which is what our little town needs. Danny worked the race with the fire dept so I went to sit with him for a little. This pregnant lady was way too hot and went home to lounge. Last night was my birthday dinner with my mom, Danny, my brother and his girlfriend. I splurged and got ribs, but couldn't even finish them. Dinner was delicious and was a great way to wrap up birthday week, which is now officially over. Womp womp womppppp.

As much as I enjoyed the activities of last week, I am SO glad this week is less busy. The only thing on the agenda is baby registry on Friday. I ain't mad about it!

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