Aug 27, 2013

Birthday Recap

Birthdays from here on out may not be a big deal, with the exception of 30, 40, 50 and so on and so forth. That doesn't mean the week will be any less special. Yes, the week.  I completely believe in birthday weeks. Danny doesn't.  I've explained to him that he doesn't have to shower me with gifts everyday although recommended, or even wine and dine me the entire week. The week is so you can celebrate with all of those that matter to you. You can't possibly plan all of your birthday lunches, dinners, or whatever for that ONE day. That's silly to wear yourself out like that on YOUR day.

For my 24th birthday last week, the week was pretty calm. It probably had to do with a combination of being pregnant and there being a wedding. Celebrating really only took place on Wednesday and Sunday, but that's okay.

Wednesday was the big day. I took the day off from work because I practically refuse to work on my birthday. After years of starting school the day of, day after or day before my birthday, I think I deserve to have the day off. Danny's mom showed up around 9 with a plate of cupcakes for me. Her and her husband also got me a prenatal massage. Holllllaaaaa! I'm going to try to save it for after our vacation, but we'll see. The back isn't doing to well. After a pretty good baby appointment, Danny and I went to Lowe's to get paint samples then we had Qdoba for lunch. After lunch Danny took me to see the pallet bookshelf that he is making me and I proceeded to tell him what was wrong about it, resulting in my crying my whole way to Anderson to get a mani and pedi. Thanks hormones. I came home from my relaxing nail salon experience to my hubby cooking me steak and a baked potato, despite what happened with the bookshelf. I'm a lucky girl. After that I headed to my friend's apartment down in Indy and we went to Cheesecake Factory. I enjoyed a whole piece of Red Velvet. I usually get it for Danny, but always take a bite, so this time I wanted my own. It was heavenly!

Skip a few days and we're at Sunday. My bff Andrea treated Danny and I to breakfast and it was pretty delicious.

Since it was the last day of birthday week, I didn't do anything until it was time for dinner with my Danny, my mom, brother and his girlfriend. We went to Texas Roadhouse. After dinner, my mom gave me another part of my birthday gift (this is after she got me a large pot last weekend and also paid for dinner), which was an outfit for the little guy. I had a feeling she was going to get me/him something for my birthday. It is technically for me since it says "I love my mommy" or something like that. 

Birthdays are just fabulous and shouldn't be celebrated on just one single day. My brother told me how one of his teammate's mom's has a birthday SEASON! I'd rather keep my birthday week, then get a Mother's Day week too :) Wish me luck on my endeavors to convince my husband that its necessary!


  1. Happy late Birthday! And I always take off work too, you should NEVER work on your birthday!

  2. Happy late birthday! I wish we had a cheesecake factory close by. That cheesecake looks awesome!!! The baby bump is so cute!