Aug 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was another hubbyless weekend for me. Danny's dad's birthday gift, which was in January, was a trip to a Nascar race in Michigan. It was set up as a guys trip with Danny, Danny's brother and Danny's brother-in-law. They drove up Friday afternoon, spent all day Saturday, the race was yesterday and they stayed last night. My loner weekend was nice though!

Saturday was productive day. I got up and headed to the store to get supplies to make homemade salsa. I recruited my mom to help me so I wanted to get to the store and get back before she got here at noon, which I got home with enough time to lay on the couch for 20 or so minutes. When she arrived we began the 4 hour process of making salsa. The main reason Danny and I planted a garden this year was to preserve food and eat stuff that was home grown, which included salsa. Well, our tomatoes were the only thing that did half way decent this year. Those and the sunflowers, which you can't exactly freeze or can to EAT! Whatever. So, since we had enough tomatoes to warrant salsa, I wanted to give it a shot. Neither my mom or I had made salsa before. Well, my mom made fresh salsa one time but it wasn't for canning.

Last week I searched Pinterest for a good recipe. I wanted a Chili's style recipe. I HATE onion-y, cilantro-y salsa. I hate onions and I hate cilantro even more. Chili's is my stuff. Love it. I had seen plenty of copy cat recipes and I knew there had to be on for canning. I mean, if it's not on Pinterest it doesn't exist, right? Right! I found the PERFECT recipe, which you can see HERE! After we spent hours peeling, cutting, chopping, and stirring, we made the BEST salsa. It's perfect and tastes just like Chili's. I am one happy pregnant lady!  We only got 8 small jars, but I feel like thats a good first try.

My Sunday? It went something like this: watch all episodes of General Hospital, got get lunch, watch 4 episodes of Law & Order: SVU, make dinner, watch Real Housewives of New Jersey. Diesel and I lounged all. day. long. It was perfect because this week is going to be exhausting!

So on Saturday while the cans were processing, I decided to cut open the small watermelon I got at the grocery earlier in the week. I was expecting a normal watermelon. My mom got a good laugh when she saw my face as I discovered this.

I had never seen a yellow watermelon before and I was shocked. It was delicous and tastes just like a normal, pink watermelon. That was basically the excitement for the weekend.


  1. I have NEVER seen a watermelon like that!!! I would have prob returned it to the store and looked like a moron. lol

  2. Oh my gosh, that watermelon is so weird! Never seen that before! I would love to try making my own salsa to can. I love the stuff!

  3. I have never seen a yellow watermelon before. I love homemade salsa. We normally do a huge garden so I can can and preserve our product. However this year we didn't since I knew my summer was going to consist of caring for a newborn and 7 year old. I will have to try your recipe I hate cilantro like no other.