Aug 15, 2013

21 weeks!

I'm back after a 2 day hiatus. Nothing was coming to my mind and I may have slept a little late yesterday morning. But, I'm back today and Friday! :)

I am officially over half way through this pregnancy! Its amazing to me how quickly these weeks are flying by.  I blame it on work being so freaking nuts right now but whatever. I'm enjoying it! :)

Baby size: Pomegranate. (Also the length of a carrot!)
Any symptoms?  I barely noticed anything this week.
Cravings? slushies. cheesy things. I HAD to have nachos for dinner on Tuesday.
Favorite part this week? feeling him kick more. He is very active in the morning right after I get to work. The crib and changing table for his room also arrived.
Least favorite part this week? Officially gaining back every pound that I had lost
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Still calling him by the one name but no commitment yet

This week has been pretty good. I haven't been exhausted, I've only had one headache and my back hasn't been anything I can't handle.  Saturday night at our class reunion, one of the girls I'm friends with couldn't believe how much I had popped in the last week.  I had just seen her the Saturday before at the bachelorette party and I was wearing a bikini. She was amazed.

So there use to be a bakery in town. They had the BEST donuts and cookies in the world. When my mom worked in Indy when it was open, her coworkers would practically beg her to bring some in. My dad would always stop by on his way to take us to Grammy's in the summer before he went to work. Everything was delicious. Well, they closed a while back and the gas stations that sell donuts just aren't anywhere close. Lucky for me (and the fire department, the preschool in town and others), Danny works with the son of the former owners. After Danny got to work on Tuesday he texted me and said his coworker had a surprise for me. I thought it was info about his house for his homeowners insurance since I'm working on quotes for him and his wife. Nope. It was better! He made me cookies. He was making them for someone else and decided to whip some up for me and another firefighters pregnant girlfriend. She's having a girl though, so hers were pink. There were TONS of cookies. Luckily before I left the fire station, they all had grabbed one so there were at least 5 less cookies for me to eat.


We've almost got the baby's room cleared out. The broken couch was picked up last night and the mattress and box spring will be out of here early next week. I'm hoping on Sunday I can go to Lowe's and pick out some colors for his room so Danny can paint soon.

That's it folks. Have a good Thursday! :)


  1. Those cookies look AMAZING!!! I am glad you are feeling so well!

  2. I craved slushies too when I was pregnant! Thank goodness there was a Sonic by our house! :)

  3. New to the blog! Aww that baby bump is so cute on you! Excited to follow your journey on becoming a mom!