Aug 21, 2013

Dear 24 year old Erin

Dear 24 year old self,

Today marks the start of a new year for you. You're making your way through your 20's at what feels like a very high speed. It only feels that way because the start of them was full of 2 year roller coaster. At 21 you were trying to navigate your way through running an insurance agency while finishing school. The age 22 was spent as a newlywed, who was still running an insurance agency during your last semester of school. This past year, age 23, was no different. Things were suppose to be easier, and much different than 21 and 22. Everything was falling into place for you. Danny was done with school, you were done with school, and you two bought a house that you could call your own and really start your life together. But once again, life happened and right in the middle of your happiness, your world seemed to be crashing down and took 2 years of hard work with it.

23 was a year of proving yourself. Not only did you prove to yourself that you could handle big kid things like buying a house, but you proved to yourself, and everyone who ever doubted you, that you DID have what it took to run your dad's business.  Doing it for the 2 years before was easy. You worked behind the scenes making sure every part of it worked. But now. You were working the front lines and became one of the faces of the company. That was intimidating. You didn't do it all by yourself, but a lot of the pressure fell on you.  A lot of people relied on you. But here we are, almost 9 months later and you're still going.

You also proved something to yourself. You CAN lose weight. After many attempts to do so, you finally figured it out. Something finally clicked and you got a handle on the challenge. And it couldn't come at a better time. It gave you something positive to focus on during the chaos of your professional life. It also came just in time for your biggest, and most important challenge of your whole life. Motherhood.

23 was full of building blocks for 24. Don't forget everything you went through your past year of life. Continue to have the courage and motivation to push and challenge yourself. Take what 23 taught you and make 24 your best yet. Make it your proudest year so far. Stay confident and positive. You picked up probably the most positive attitude you've had your whole life. Don't let go of it. It is what got your through the rough part of 23 and I'm convinced it will get you through just about anything if you let it.

Good-bye 23 and hello 24!


  1. I love this post! I didn't know you were young, like me! You are kicking butt and taking names and you should be so proud!

  2. awesome post! happy birthday :) and welcome to the 24 year old club!

  3. Love this! I need to do this so I can look back and see how I have grown! Great idea and Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is full of fun and surprises.