Apr 25, 2014

Five on Friday

Today I am joining in the 5 on Friday fun with Darci. Here are the 5 things I'm loving/thinking/wanting as of today, or this week really. Also, some cute pics of the babe because honestly, what is a post without cute pictures of my dude!
1. First things first, if you're hopping over from Holly's blog, welcome! If you're not hopping over from there and you just stumbled across this blog some other way, I suggest you pop on over to Holly's page and participate in the awesome giveaway that she is hosting today. Each month she hosts a huge and amazing giveaway to highlight her sponsors.  It helps readers find new blogs and it also gives her sponsors some traffic. This prize this month is a $50 gift card to Target and there will be 2 winners. Each getting $50 for Target. Plus, if you haven't visited the Queen of Blogland, you're missing out. But let's be 100% honest here, if you're here you've been there! You can visit her page and the giveaway HERE. I'm going to be popping on over there later today since I can go to Target again. I gave it up for the month of March then decided to extend it through Lent. Well, I've had zero time to do any moseying through anywhere and I am dying.
2. At Tucker's 4 month appointment we were given the green light to start him on solids. I've been putting it off since then because I want to try my hand at making his food and mama's not ready but Danny has been itching to get some carrots or sweet potatoes in that boy's mouth. Last night we tried some carrots. First he SCREAMED (as seen in picture 1)! Like hurt our ears and had legit tears. We took him in his room, changed his diaper and I let him nurse for about 5 minutes before we tried again.  We tried again and he realized they were so bad. I let him stick his fingers in the food and just held the spoon up to his mouth and just let him do his thing. The first picture cracks me up though. He was sooooo stinkin pissed lol. I posted the picture on instagram (erinshell10) last night and Danny thinks I'm terrible because I think the picture is so funny.
3. I need some time off work. Stat. I'm losing my mind and Danny has concerns about my sanity. I'm forgetting things, telling stories twice and just doing dumb shit.  Our last trip was last September when we went to Frankenmuth and South Haven for a Michigan Babymoon.  After this hellacious winter that the whole dang country has felt the wrath of, I need water, sand and booze. We are going to Orange Beach, AL in October and it can't get here soon enough. For now, I will settle for a weekend, or even an overnight trip somewhere. Preferably a 2 day trip to Cincinnati to watch the Cardinals play the Reds in May.
4. Speaking of time of work, I told Danny the other day that I want to take a day off work to spend with Diesel. How insane am I? I feel like I've neglected him since Tucker was born and it makes me sad. This morning as I was making breakfast, I unwrapped a piece of cheese. I always split it with him I rip the corners off so it fits my sandwich better and I give them to him. In the nearly 4 years we've had him, he has not once never come running. I kind of wanted to cry. I'm hoping a walk at the park Saturday morning will help. I realize I'm nuts, but he used to be such a mama's boy and its making me sad.
5. This Sunday is the Graffiti Run with my girls. We did it last year (you can read about and see pictures HERE) and it was a blast! Totally worth the money and the hour you have to spend scrubbing your body after to get the color off. I think my pits were green for 2 days after that and I had to wash my hair 3 times to get the purple out. We are going down tomorrow night to stay at my moms and she is going to keep Tuck the morning of. Its going to be a lot of fun!
That's all for today! Good luck with the giveaway, but not so much luck that I don't get one of the cards!


  1. Making your own food is super easy. I buy the frozen veggies, steam them and put them in a blender. If they seem stiff in consistency then add a little breast milk (a little at a time) until it's the consistency you want. Once he is use to that then you can start making blends. I recommend avocados. They are easy. You cut them open scoop them out and mash them with a fork. Avocado's were always my go to when I didn't have anything made and I wanted something fast.

  2. Hahaha! Those pics of tucker are hilarious! I must of missed that one on IG. Yes girl you def need a vacation to rejuvenate! You deserve it! I don't think your crazy to want to spend some time with your dog! I think it's sweet! And I would totally want to do that too! :)

  3. Love the pics! My youngest never ate baby food. She went straight to small soft chunks. Crazy kid! Good luck on your run! I am training for a half in May, like 2 weeks away...yowsa....I so remember feeling that same way with our cat after my first was born. Made me so sad.