Apr 3, 2014

April Goals

It's been a while since I've posted my goals to hold myself accountable. From December until now, my only goal was to get through each day without losing my marbles. And the few months before that I didn't feel like doing anything since I was the size of a beached whale pregnant. Now that the dust has settled and I feel like I halfway have my working mom shit together, I can start setting some expectations for myself.

Here is what I'm hoping to get accomplished this month:
1. Organize craft supplies - If you've been reading since summers, you probably just experienced deja vu. This has been a task that I've wanted to complete since last July and I just haven't done it. I've figured out how I'm going to store them, I just haven't transferred them to the totes yet.
2. Nag my husband enough to put shelves in our spare closet - Tuck's room has an extra closet that I've designated the storage area. It will be where those craft totes go, where I will store Christmas gifts (not his of course) and just extras that I don't want out in the shed but I don't necessarily use enough to keep out in the open.
3. Stick to my workouts - Life happens and I realize a workout might need to be rescheduled. That's the key: rescheduled. Today being an example. Except its Mother Nature and not life. Tonight's workout is Couch to 5K. It's been raining almost nonstop since last night. Not a light rain or even moments of just a sprinkle. Pouring. I won't be running/walking outside. And the treadmill is currently out of commission. So, today's Couch to 5K will have to be moved to Sunday (unless my hubs gets the treadmill fixed) and today will be rest day instead.
4. Meal prep - My mornings would go a lot smoother if I would make breakfast ahead of time. I'd really like to try some overnight oats of some sort. I've also been meaning to make some variation of this egg bake for something I can just throw in the wave and eat while I pump. We'll see what happens.
5. Map out spring cleaning - I came up with a plan last year, but didn't follow through with it. Whoops. Maybe this year I'll stick to the cleaning schedule.
6. Plan our garden - Our garden did a little better last year, but the first trimester tiredness got the best of me last year and I didn't stay on top of the weeds. I have higher expectations this year so I want to plan out what we're planting and do some research on how to care for it.

Hopefully this weekend I can get a couple of those crossed off my list, or started at the very least.

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