Jul 2, 2013

July Goals

I am completely baffled by the fact that it is July. Where did January-June go?!

With a new month comes new goals. I think it helped me accomplish a couple of them putting them in writing, so we're doing it again folks.

First, I want to recap June goals and see how the month turned out.

1. Walk 4x's a week - Didn't happen, but it pretty much can't happen because of the current state of my baby making parts, which I explained in my 14 week bumpdate.
2. Start working out - Nope. See above.
3. Finish bedroom collage - Did this! On the last day of the month. I basically did it because I remembered I wrote it as one of my goals and had to get it done. 
4. Get the baby's room cleared out - Didn't even start. Ugh.
5. Evaluate our budget - I did this and I am happy to report that we did okay. I've got some ideas on how to make it more efficient though. I'll let you know how it goes when we get it done. 
6. Have a pool day with my mom - We had one planned for this past Saturday. It ended up being like 78, cloudy and rainy. We went shopping instead.
Results = 2/6. Yuck.
Here are my July goals.. being written so maybe I will be held accountable.
1. Clean out baby's room - This really needs to happen. We find out what JellyBean is on August 1st and I know that as soon as we know what we are having I'm going to want to start buying furniture, bedding, decor, etc. Along with my mom and Danny's mom.
2. Figure out craft supplies situation -  My craft and scrapbook supplies are in 2 plastic sets of drawers in the baby's room. I could just move the drawers to the dining room, but I want to put them in something. Whether it be another Closetmaid cubicle system or something else. Something that will look nice as part of our house decor.
3. Eat lunch out 1-2 times per week - I've gotten out of control, but I'm giving myself some flexibility with this because of the time of year. Its another busy season and I will be on the road a lot (hopefully) next week and the week after. Given that its July, it would be hard for me to pack a lunch or snacks(which is mostly fruit these days) to leave in the car for an hour or 2 while I meet with a customer.
4. Go swimming - I love love love just relaxing in a pool, or even by a pool. Hopefully my mom and I can reschedule that pool day for some time this month.
5. Plan a couple creative dates - Like a lot of couples do, we are in a date night rut. I want to do something other than dinner out. I've already got something in the works for this Friday and I'm pretty exctied about it.
6. Walk 1-2 times per week - My doctor gave me the O.K. to walk, but aiming for 4 times a week is a little ambitious. I think 1-2 times can be done though.
Hopefully these July goals don't crash and burn like my June goals. 
Do you have your goals for the month lined up?

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  1. Setting goals is so important, and I always do better when I write them down!! I'm a pool rat too, I just don't like being there with other people!! I can't believe it's only a month before you find out what the baby is!! That's so exciting!!!'