Jul 30, 2013

Old Wives Tales

When you're an expecting parent for the first time, every week is exciting. You experience a slew of symptoms, your bump grows (almost overnight) and there are so many things to think about for your little one. For most first time parents, the most exciting thing you experience besides meeting your little one, is finding out if the baby is a "he" or a "she." Whether its halfway through, or if you have the will power to wait until the end.

I most certainly do not have the will power to wait until the end. Danny is even worse. Last week before our 18 week appointment, Danny decided (or so we thought) how he wanted us to find out the sex of Jellybean. It was pretty original and I shouldn't have expected anything less.  He wanted the ultrasound tech to write the results in an envelope, go to a party store, have the party store fill a black balloon with blue or pink confetti/glitter, then shoot it with his gun later that night with our parents and siblings. My husband loves guns and shooting things so it was fitting. At our appointment the next day, the nurse and doctor got us all excited about the upcoming ultrasound. As we walked out of the office, Danny said "maybe we'll just have them tell us next week and we'll get a cake for everyone else." He's excited to find out, as am I.  We've decided how we are going to reveal to our families, but that can't be revealed yet since my mom could be reading this post. Hi Mom! :)

Sunday night I stumbled upon some Old Wives Tales on Pinterest so Danny and I went through them. Here are the tales and results.

1. Mother's Beauty - GIRL
this one has to do with the "glow" or presence of acne.  Girls will steal the mother's beauty, but boy's won't. I had acne like I was 13 again in the beginning. It was awful. Some facewash and the end of the first trimester later, I look like an adult again. Danny's brother has commented on my "glow" a little bit, but he's just excited there is going to be a baby.

2. Heart Rate - GIRL
Above 140 suggests the baby is a girl while below suggests boy. It's been 145-152 pretty consistently. However! My mom said my HR was always below 140 and my brothers was above 140. This one doesn't weigh very heavily for me.

3. High or Low - BOY
High means girl and low means boy. I honestly don't know for sure if I'm carrying high or low. My freaking torso seems like its all of about 6 inches long, but I think low.

4. Cravings - BOY mostly
If you're craving sweet, you're having a girl. You know, since they're made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Boys make you cravy salty and savoury foods. At first I was craving popsicles and sno cones. Then it turned to delicious things like Taco Bell and cheeseburgers.... then I bought a 2 pound container of gummy bears. But I also have to have a buffalo chicken something every now and then. So I don't know.

5. Morning Sickness - BOY
If you have morning sickness, its a girl. If not, boy. I tried to throw up once to make myself feel better and it didn't work. I haven't experienced morning sickness so boy it is.

6. Chinese Gender Chart - GIRL
 This chart compares the mother's age at the time of conception and the month of conception. If you get on Pinterest or Google and search for one, a million charts will come up. They're all the same though haha.

Its a tie, so I really don't know. Only 2 more days until we find out!! :)


  1. Such an exciting time! I can't wait for you to reveal on here!

  2. Hi! I enjoyed this post, as my husband and I are expecting our first child...any day, really (due date is August 24, so we're 36-37 weeks along).

    I completely agree with the excitement/anticipation of finding out boy or girl. We actually waited until Week 22 (or around there, I think) because we planned to do the gender reveal at my family reunion, and I can't keep a secret, so we waited until the day before we left to find out. And we actually had the ultrasound tech just call our cake decorator (which happened to be our aunt) with the "results" so that we didn't know, because I'm just that bad at keeping a secret. Lol! Anyway...

    I totally remember going through a very similar list of wives tales about gender shortly before going in for the sonogram. :) Didn't they say the Chinese Gender Chart has like a 90+% accuracy...it was right for us. :)

    Boy or girl, I'm excited for you guys! I hope your gender reveal is a blast and I look forward to reading about it in an upcoming blog post.

    Best wishes,
    Kayla, a fellow blogger who stumbled across your page and got hooked :)