Jul 16, 2013

Pregnancy Brain

Do you ever have those days where you legit feel like you have zero brain cells? I've always had those moments. Sometimes my brain gets tired during periods of high stress. Other times its because it hasn't been challenged enough. Almost like a use it or lose it type of deal. You know what I mean?

Now though? Holy shit Batman! I feel like a true blonde. I've never loved the "dumb blonde" jokes because I know plenty of brunettes and redheads that have "blonde" moments too. Pregnancy brain is a true and real thing. It being the second busiest time of the year for me isn't doing me any favors either. 

I mentioned yesterday that I went shopping with my mom on Saturday. Danny had been telling me for weeks that next time I'm at Old Navy grab him a pair of jeans. Fine easy enough. I've been shopping him for 5 years and he's worn jeans from there for about 3. Couldn't remember what style. I narrowed it down to 2. Called him to help me pick the right one and also get his size. He's lost weight and I wanted to get his new size. He told me waist and length and I start rummaging through after I hung up the phone. Wouldn't ya know it, I forgot the damn length. Remember how I've been shopping for him for 5 years? Well when you lose weight you don't shrink or get taller. Not even a minute after hanging up I had to call him back. He was at work and I'm sure I was the laughing stock of the fire station on Saturday. His co-workers are all dads so they've been there. 

Yesterday morning was adorable though. I was making my decaf coffee (I really think the lack of caffeine is part of my problem too) and was just breezing right along with my Kuerig that I've been using since 2010... The equates to hundreds of cups of coffee, easily. I put the new k-cup in, shut it so the water compartment pops open and I ALMOST POUR MY TRUVIA PACKET IN THERE! WTF Erin?! I'm almost certain some of it fell in there. 

Looking back at last week, I think I figured out why the person who asked me if I was expecting thought he should ask if I was. It was probably because he thought I lost my damn mind. He was showing me how to do something on the computer and I was just not grasping it like I should. And homeboy's wife has popped out 5 kids. I think he can spot pregnancy brain when he sees it. 

At this point, I think it's hysterical and I'm getting a lot of entertainment out of my pregnancy brain. 

I think in the near future there will be a post on pregnancy hormones. Danny so kindly reminded me of the evening a few weeks ago where he walked in and I was standing at the sink just crying. Why? I honestly think it was over the damn dishwasher being an ass causing a sink overflowing with dishes. Be on the lookout. 

All you mamas out there, what are some of your most proud moments. By proud I mean you really can't believe you were capable of something that silly. I'd love to hear them! 


  1. I tried to mail to letters with only the recipients' name on there... no address... no stamp... As soon as I got home I took a pregnancy test lol

  2. I have been having bad pregnancy brain too. And the crying has stared in this household too. With Hazel I cried daily so I am not expecting anything different this time! HAHA!