Jul 8, 2013

4th of July

Hiiiiiii. Long time no see. I am slowly getting back to real life after an extra long weekend. It was a good one, I must say. 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Its laid back, its fun, no stress, no family drama, doesn't require dozens of shopping trips for gifts. Its easy. Its especially easy for me because Danny usually has to work, at least he did this year and 2 years before that. Danny use to volunteer for the fire department that puts on the best fireworks show within 30-45 minutes of us. Volunteering for that department meant he helped put on the show. He would suit up in his turnout gear and light those massive fireworks every year. He LOVED it. Last year was his first time, in quite a a few years, that he got to watch the show. He was very uneasy the whole time... its just better for him if he works on the 4th. My family has gone to that same fireworks show ever since I can remember going to fireworks. My dad would take our old orange and white truck up there the morning of to get a good spot, we'd go to a cookout or watch my brother play baseball, then head back up to watch the show. Now, my brother, mom and me still carry on the tradition.

The morning of the 4th, I treated myself to a delicous nutrientless breakfast, which is shown below and worth every bite. Its been a while since I've had a good donut.
There may have been a third

Around noon I followed my brother up to take his truck (Old Orange is now a lawn ornament). We didnt get our normal spot (and were tempted to fight for it) but we were close. I lounged around on the couch for a couple more hours then finally got ready for the evening. My mom, brother, and a couple good friends of the family (jordan who looks like Drew and me ans Drews bff Zach) were coming over to eat and go to fireworks with us. 

This "cookout" was thrown together Wednesday afternoon. I committed to pasta salad, mom said she would bring buns andwe both figured Drew had hot dogs since he said he wanted brats as well. Wrong. Everyone arrives and we have buns, pasta salad and chips. Didn't realize this until an hour after people got to my house. Oh and Drew forgot paper plates. Drew's girlfriend (she was here too) went and got everything and Drew fired up the grill. We eat, it starts pouring and they all drink beer while I enjoy my crystal light repeating "this rain better quit!"
Jordan on the left, Drew on the right. People at school legit thought
Jordan and I were twins if they didn't already know us.
Drew's girlfriend and I. We made these shirts last year for a Toby Keith
concert. We decided to whip them out again.

 The rain quit and we decided to head up to the fireworks.  Since I was the DD, I put my foot down and made everyone stop at the gas station so I could get a slushie. I needed to at least feel like I was drinking rum punch since I couldn't. We get done at the gas station, get about 1/4 mile down the road and Drew says he doesn't have the keys to the truck so someone can drive it home after the fireworks. We drive BACK to my house, get the keys, Mom has to pee again, Drew and Zach need a picture taken, and we try again. Finally making it up there.
This fireworks show is always kind of an emotional roller coaster, but even more so this year. They start off with upbeat music and a few shots (fireworks people), then they did a tribute to a fire chief that died during a fire in TN that was from the town these fireworks were in. Played music, shot more fireworks. The next tribute was for all lines of the military. They play each of the songs and have ground displays. Then they do a "Last Call" for all fallen firefighters. This one gets to me. Hearing those bagpipes is gut wrenching for a firefighters family and it puts a lump in your throat. It was especially tough to hear after the 19 firefighters died in Arizona last week and Danny's department fought a house fire the next day that took hours to put out. They next did a tribute to the Arizona firefighters. They lit 19 lanterns and let them go into the sky. I thought it was pretty cool. They played more music, lit more fireworks. The final tribute for the last 5 years has been for that department's fire chief's daughter. She passed away 5 years ago after fighting a fire and they always play a special song, light a ground display and her dad says a few words. Thats the last of the sadness and they end with an awesome finale. See what I mean by emotional roller coaster? Its rough, but I wouldn't want to watch fireworks anywhere else on the 4th. And I don't ever plan on it either.

I had a great 4th of July. All day long I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that next year I will have a 6 month old to deck out in red, white and blue and tote along with me. Its so hard to believe and I can't wait!
I'll get to the rest of my weekend tomorrow since my 4th of July is novel length.


  1. Holy crap would be emotional! But I bet it is an awesome experience!! I love fireworks too, I am glad you had a good 4th!!

  2. Hey there! I found your blog through the lotto link up- and I love it! Congratulations on the baby :)
    I can't imagine what its like to be part of a fire family during times like that. I'm a native Arizonan and what happened recently completely tore me up- I love that your town did the tribute with the lanterns.