Jul 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence Volume I've lost count

They're baaaaaaack!! Holly and Jake thought of more sentences for us to finish, and they're kinda tough. That or my brain is just fried between pregnancy brain and actually having to work until 5 the last 2 weeks. Sometimes 6 even. For someone thats out of the office nearly everyday at 4pm, that extra hour or two is brutal.

If I had one extra hour in the day... I'd probably sleep if I'm being completely honest. Or at least lay in my bed doing absolutely nothing.
I wish my name... was in Mambo No. 5 at least one damn time.
I think anything chevron is... cute but I haven't been ballsy enough to buy anything chevron.
My last nightmare... shockingly wasn't last night. I was so sure after watching this week's Pretty Little Liars and seeing that scary Emily mask I'd be chased in a dark woods last night.
Sometimes... I wish my life were like a soap opera. The cool parts like people coming back from the dead and never having to wear the same outfit twice.
My last meal on earth would be... my Grammy's chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes and corn... all mixed together.
I would much rather be_____ than____. sipping wine out of my wine glass than Juicy Juice. (PS, I completed these last night. I don't normally drink wine before noon though I'm not opposed when not pregnant)
Mayonnaise... probably won't ever be eliminated from my diet.
10 years ago, I didn't think... all the flavors of mountain dew would ever taste like pure ass like I think the orange kind would at the age 23. Baja Blast at Taco Bell though? That is tasty. 
Selfishly... our kids are going to have chores, mostly to do housework for me and not to teach them responsibility. Danny wants a 12 year old like yesterday.
My favorite show on TV right now... is Real Housewives of New Jersey or the Bachelorette. General Hopsital always has my heart and Mistresses is pretty good. My tv addicted ass can't wait until fall shows come back on.
And, George Zimmerman... should probably just leave the country.

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  1. Ooh..Baha Blast. I sometimes go through the Taco Bell drive thru just to get that! Wish they sold it at grocery stores!