Jul 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey all!
I hope you had a great weekend just like I did. It certainly didn't last long enough, especially with all of this "relaxing" and "resting" that I'm supposed to be doing.
Saturday morning I treated myself to McD's breakfast. Yep, a real treat giving myself a massive amount of calories for breakfast. Whatever. It was delicous so I don't really care. After I watched a tv for a little bit, I got ready to meet my mom for lunch and some shopping. I figured I would enlist her on my quest for some maternity clothes. By maternity clothes, right now I just mean bigger clothes. Which is great since all of the stores I've been too... Target, Old Navy, Gap, Kohls... have about 2 racks of maternity, if they even have a maternity section (Gap, I'm talkin to to you). I did pick up a pair of maternity capris from Kohls. They are khaki and will be nice for work her in a few months. That was the only "maternity" piece I got. I also left Kohls with a jean jacket and 2 shirts. I got a dress and shirt from Old Navy, a dress from JCPenney's, and some Sperry's flip flops from Macys. If you like Sperry's, do your feet a favor and GO GET SOME TODAY! I changed into them at the register while I was checking out.
So back to Old Navy. The place was a freakin madhouse. I knew it was $1 flip flop day but I didn't realize how serious the day was until I saw this...
This was at 2pm. Just wiped out. I don't even really love Old Navy flip flops. I have a couple pairs that I got last summer, maybe even the summer before, that look brand new.
Anywho, onto Sunday. Danny is off of his Sunday rotation for a while now so we were able to make it to church. I don't like to go without him. After church we got breakfast, and I hate to admit this, at McDonalds. I am disgusting I know. Honestly though, it was that or donuts. We have very few options here in this town. After breakfast, I napped off and on for a few hours in between us doing laundry. Beacuse of the previa, laundry is now a 2 person job. Yesterday afternoon I finally got the collage done for our bedroom and it turned out pretty good. I can't wait until Danny gets it hung up in our room.

We had burgers on the grill for dinner and I made potatoes in the oven. After that, I was done for the night.

It was a pretty good weekend and kind of relaxed. I enjoyed that part since this week is pretty busy.

Have a good Monday!! :)

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