Apr 2, 2014

The Current Pickle

The TV is out. It's been out since 4:30 yesterday afternoon. I didn't notice until 45  minutes after I turned it on that it wasn't working.

I've been meaning to call the company for a few months now since our bill went up $40 and the DVR is messed up. Learned that last little bit when there was 4 minutes left of the Pretty Little Liars finale. What is really impressive is the fact that I would have ripped them an asshole at 9:30 on a Saturday night after messing up right at the tail end of a show whose target audience is probably 13-18, when I've put off calling to bitch about a $40 bill increase seems too time consuming. Priorities.

But history tells me that when I call to deal with this I'll be on hold for 25 minutes and as soon as a live person picks up the baby will start wailing and the dog will follow shortly thereafter. So, I've put it off.

Danny spent some time on the phone with them last night while I tended to the baby. Diesel said to hell with us all and went to bed. After sending Danny back and forth from the living room to our bedroom to turn off, unplug, plug back in and repeat about 3 different times, the kind lady basically told him we were shit out of luck and to take our boxes to the local office. Great. Because we have LOADS of free time to do that!

That's when we started tossing around some ideas.

1. Satellite isn't an option without lots of furniture moving. Our crawl space is in our bedroom under the carpet. Which is under furniture. Getting to said crawl space would require moving a cedar chest, and a dresser. They also can't put the satellite on the roof because its metal.
2. Cable. This would allow me us to keep up with the current shows. I LOVE General Hospital and I like being able to watch the current episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I do watch the news in the morning as well. Not everyday but I do turn it on every once in a while. But, this shit is costing us about $1600 a year. And its not even working!
3. Netflix is our 3rd option. The downfall would be losing GH and I'd be a season behind on Grey's Anatomy. But, mama can get some new wheels or a camper and I can binge watch any show I damn well please. Hello, Will & Grace! Plus Danny made the point that when we watch tv at night, a lot of times its reruns of Modern Family or Big Bang Theory anyways. I hate when he's right.

So, here's what we're dealing with. I can either:
A. Spend $1600ish a year on cable so I can watch a couple shows in their current season and still have access to the quality television that is daytime soap operas. I should mention that I have the same cable service at my office, so I could still have the shows that I'd be missing out playing in the background, except Grey's Anatomy. If I'm at work at 9pm on a Thursday we've got bigger problems than my cable service.
or B. Spend $8 a month on Netflix and have virtually every movie and past seasons of most TV shows available at the click of a button and enjoy driving my new mom-mobile (not to be confused with a minivan) everyday and drink around a fire with our camping friends on the weekends during the warm months.

Decisions, decisions. I need some feedback. Are you a Netflix user? Would you make the switch? Help me.


  1. We are in the same pickle. We don't know what to do. I do know however, hulu Plus is $8 a month and I believe that you are up to date on all the shows (this is how I understand it but I could be wrong).

  2. Hahaha. That ecard made me bust out laughing! I have a hard time phatoming the fact that we spend so much money on cable that is barely watched. Most of the time I have the TV blaring sirus XM radio. Although it is nice to have when I do want to record something to watch... therefore I personally would take the cheap route and cut my losses... But that's just me :) Looks like you my friend have a tough decision to make... I've also heard to Hulu is a good alternative! Sorry I'm not much help!

  3. Hulu plus is $8.00 per month and you can get the episodes the day after they air. With the exception of CBS & The CW. Neither one of those networks have their shows on Hulu. Also be careful with Hulu as they only keep a few episodes at a time. Netflix is great to catch old series that you have wanted to see or if you don't mind being a season behind on your current shows. We have Hulu plus, Netflix & an antenna for local channels. Haven't missed cable at all & for $16 a month who can beat it!

  4. Oh my gosh, I didn't even think about $1,600 / month until you wrote that... holy bajesus that's a lot of money and that's exactly what I spend. Truth be told we could totally do without ours and just use Netflix if it wasn't for sporting events. Thanks for this post... I need to find a better solution too!