Mar 31, 2014

My Plan of Attack

This weekend went by extremely fast. Yesterday especially.  We hosted my cousin, his wife, and their almost 2 year old this weekend. We had a great time catching up, eating all of their favorites (Alexandria is famous for 3 things: flooding when it rains for days, large balls (largest ball of paint and one time there was a huge hair ball in the sewer or something like that), and Pizza King) and enjoying some beverages. It was a pretty good weekend. Tucker was a party animal both nights and didn't go to bed until 11 Friday and 12 on Saturday, then proceeded to get up at his normal 7:30am. Thanks, bud!

Now that my first busy time at work has come and gone and I've had some time to adjust to being a working mom, its time to work on this baby weight. I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself until after March 15th so that way I wasn't too stressed out. It's time to get down to business.

Here is the "plan"
1. Reunite with Jillian for 30 Day Shred - I'm looking forward to this just as much as I'm not looking forward to it.
2. Couch to 5K - I don't run so this will be interesting. This will be the hard part as I will find every excuse in the book to not do this... I can't run there is a 10% chance of rain.
3. LoseIt app - I have a feeling I'm going to "forget" to log things. Like the ice cream I eat directly from the tub because I feel like I eat less that way. Riiiiiiight.

I'm giving myself until June to complete 1 and 2.  I committed to a 5K with Danny in June and I want to be ready for it. Plus, I want to try to mix the Shred up a little bit unlike last time where I did it 28 days in a row. (I quit 2 days early because I found out I was pregnant. Dumb move, Erin)

My plan is to do the Shred one days Danny is at work and then run on days that he is home. I don't trust myself to run with the stroller. I can barely steer that thing in a straight line walking. Most Sundays are rest days except 2 I think. I've got this shit mapped out all the way through and its written in my planner.

I haven't quite decided when I want to weigh in. I'm thinking Saturday mornings since they aren't so rushed all the time. I mean, I'll probably step on the scale everyday expecting a 2 pound loss every day, but I don't know when I'll weight in for serious.

It is officially past the time where I need to start working. I will keep you all updated. Hopefully I'll have before and after pics. Maybe progress pics? We shall see.

Oh, and happy Opening Day! This Monday just got a lot better.