Mar 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Lets face it... the thing ya'll have missed most when it comes to this blog is hearing about the random shit that goes on in my life and in my head. No? Here are the 5 things that I'm thinking/loving right now instead of the fact that I have a truckload of work to do being that it is the last day of sales season. Well, its technically Monday since the 15th is a Saturday, but whatever. Either way, I'll probably drink a celebratory glass of wine today AND Monday. While I'm still here at work.

1. So I mentioned on Monday that my eating has been pretty shitty and things just aren't going well. Turns out that despite my bad habits of having a bowl of cereal, ice cream or wine or two out of the 3 every night I've managed to lost 5 pounds. Granted, I haven't weighed myself for real for about a month. I stepped on the scale Sunday maybe, but I was fully clothed and wanted to see what my chunky baby was weighing now (13.2 lbs was the difference between my large number and the larger number while holding him). Seeing that loss has given me the motivation to really get it in gear.

2. Have you tried these?

My mom picked some up when she went grocery shopping for us after Tucker was born. LOVE THEM! This is my favorite flavor, but they have a handful of others. So yummy.

3. I haven't talked about my boobs lately so lets catch up on that. I've read on a couple forums that for some moms and babies that have had trouble, one day things just clicked and got so much better. Well, I'm happy (and hesitant) to say that I think we've had that click. Things have gotten so much better and I've been able to nurse him right before bed the last 2 nights and he still continued to sleep through the night. The lactation consultant from the hospital also called to check up on us Wednesday. She was so helpful and encouraging in the beginning and I honestly haven't talked to her since January. So I thought that was sweet.

4. There is some retail therapy on the agenda of Saturday with my mama and I've got plans to buy at least 2 new pairs of shoes, maybe a third. I've been on the hunt for brown boots for about 3 years. Well, I had to buy new black boots for my Gram's funeral since it was forecasted to snow again and mine had broke the week before. I found some at DSW, which surprised me because boots that I like are hard to find. Well, they had brown too. I only bought the black ones to really test them out and I had to have them. Now I'm going back for the brown ones. I've decided its time for new Sperry's too. 3.5 years in one pair is too long since I wear them nearly every day to work. The third pair is some Nike Frees. They seem super comfy and everyone knows new shoes help you work out.

5. Lent is in full swing around the world and at our house. I decided to give up peanut butter and Danny decided to give up sweet tea and pop. I also unconsciously gave up Target. I decided for the whole month of March to stay out of the store and then decided I might as well keep it up until Lent is over. The problem with that is how am I suppose to make Tucker his first Easter basket. Maybe this will remind me that there are other stores :)


  1. I could go for a new pair of Sperry's too. I can't remember when I bought mine. I am glad things are clicking for you and Tucker. I had a friend that would cry every night because her and her little weren't "in sync". And finally- YAY on the weight loss! Happy Friday, have fun shopping tomorrow.

  2. "I haven't talked about my boobs lately..." LOL! That made me laugh :) Glad to hear things are getting better! Yay for some retail therapy and shoe shopping! Have fun!