Mar 26, 2014

Super Woman

It's not even 9am and I am exhausted. As I was filling the green water bottle that I've been using for at least the last 2 weeks without being washed, I determined it was one of those days that was going to require a second dose of caffeine in the A.M.. This is in addition to the cup of coffee that I had just finished and the Diet Mt. Dew or Crystal Light Energy I'll have at lunch.

Saturday my cousin messaged me on FB and said that him and his wife (we call them Chicah... Chad and Micah) and their daughter (Little Chicah) wanted to make a trip up here soon. He just so happened to have a 3 day weekend this coming weekend and Danny is off Thursday thru Sunday. So we said come on up. Then we looked at our house and it is in no way shape or form suitable for house guests. The one bathroom we have hasn't been cleaned in probably months, the kitchen was cleaned 2 Sundays ago but you wouldn't know it, the living room furniture has a thick layer of dog hair and drool, and the spare bedroom is housing a love seat, a big boy car seat and boxes of Goodwill stuff.
So, in the midst of making bottles, packing up pump shit, and going over the list of stuff I have to do tonight and at work today, I ended my chain of thought with "I need a f%!&in cape"   Here is what I've decided: When new moms are discharged from the hospital, included in their goody bags of things like post partum care instructions, that nice water squirter, and mesh undies, there should also by a Super Woman cape. This cape would have super powers of course.

I started thinking about what my cape would come with:
- a baby weight sucker
- something that would make the consistent 6-7 hours of sleep every night enough
- 30 minutes every day where time literally stopped and you could do whatever you wanted in that 30 minutes and it didn't count against the 24 hours you are already given
- a reminder of the healthy foods you ate before you were pregnant
- a naptime button. Not for the baby, but for me. If you push it, you instantly are taking a power nap.

As I walked to the garage, carrying the baby in the car seat on one arm and diaper bag on the other shoulder and finally realized that my legs and ass were sore from Zumba last night, I already felt like Super Woman. And I decided that all moms are Super Woman. Working moms, stay at home moms, single moms, married moms, moms of 1 child, moms of 5 children, moms of babies, moms of grown children. Even moms-to-be, because lets be honest, pregnancy isn't easy, regardless of how great you might feel all the time.

So, all you moms out there. Old, new or soon-to-be... Give yourself a pat on the back. Your house might not be spotless, your body might be unrecognizable and your eyelids might feel like they weight a whole pound each, but no one can do it like you.


  1. Not yet a mom, mom to be, or a super mom :) but I appreciate the sentiment and nod to all mothers alike. I don't know how you ladies do it but kudos to you all!

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